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Slumber Party Massacre III

  • R
  • 1990-09-07
  • 01:27:00
5/ 10
46 votes

Comedy, Horror

After a hard day of volleyball at the beach, a teen whose parents are away decides to have a slumber party with her girlfriends. Their boyfriends predictably show up to scare them, but a stranger from the beach is also seen lurking around the house. Soon the group begins experiencing an attrition problem.

After relaxing on the beach Jackie Cassidy, along with their friends to the party. Three guys spy on them in the window and trying to scare the girls. They do not realize that there is someone else – someone who does not intend to limit jokes, and is going to kill a very real way …


See all three films from the classic series about the killer-with-drill, the first "The Slumber Party Massacre", I can say with confidence that the best for me would be the second "Slumber Party Massacre II". There’s an unusual maniac from dreams, quoting the song Rolling Stones, but in this film, an ordinary man with a mental disorder and a propensity for violence. Add to this already traditional plot moves (boys spying on girls, stupid cops, exposed by dance music) and get another stereotypical slasher. Here, there is nothing absolutely is worth to throw all their pressing business and crime to watch this film.

I will not even write about the plot, because it is 80% the same as in the first part. Remember the series of films about Jason Voorhees, zombipodobnyh Guys in hockey masks. He also killed one by one, each movie, but unoriginal and just tasteless (talking about the latest series of the mid-80s). Remember? Here murder as a bad blueprint. Stereotyped, but as they say “Find the 5 differences.” Slasher fans can fully enjoy, the rest … pass or look better than the second part.

More Happy Driller Killer Fun

More dumb broads get butchered by another driller killer. Yay. Slumber Party Massacre 3 is pretty much the same thing as the first SPM only a different killer with a different motive. Everything else is the same old $#!+. A good thing is this movie has a high body count and the killings are very bloody. God! What is wrong with me? Ugh! I need help.


This movie makes me proud to be an american, where else is there a movie with no plot just fine girls running around a house in their bras and panties getting drilled. After part two alot of people might not even give this movie a chance, but it's actually better than the first, it doesn't have the best acting or writing but it's still a great movie. I think they intended to have a plot, but it makes absolutely no sense, still it's a fun movie to watch with friends, alot of beautiful girls running upstairs instend of busting a window and getting help. That's what I love to see, you can just sit back and enjoy no story, no plot, just drill, drill, drill!! I give this movie thumbs up. Part one is also worth seeing, but stay far away from part two!!!

ust as good as the original

If you didn't enjoy any of the previous films, than you probably will find no enjoyment from this one. However, I did enjoy this first film and I absolutely hated the second one. Now, we have another group of beautiful California co-eds who decide to throw a slumber party because someones parents are out of town for the weekend. Once these girls bust out their bikinis and brew, the terror begins. However, this time, it's not Russ Thorn or a 1950's resurrected rock star. Instead, it's a rather normal looking individual. And yes, he comes along with a drill. Check this movie out if you want to see people getting drilled from the front seat of a car, electrocuted in a bathtub and then stuffed in a garment bag, or maybe you want to see someone get impaled with a house for sale sign. There's plenty of good stuff here with SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE III. 9/10

Suspenseful, gory and exciting.

After a hard day of partying on the beach a group of girls head to Jackies house for a slumber party. Little do they know a weirdo has followed them home. As the party begins, the girls drink beer, a weird neighbour spys on them and the freak from the beach hangs around outside spying on them. The guys turn up to scare the girls and get invited to the party. One of the girls invites a guy named Ken that she meet on the beach to the party. Before long a dead body is found in the closet and the girls panic. It's not long before they are all being chased by a psycho wielding a drill.

WOW, I truly loved Slumber Party Massacre III, it was a great movie, but I had to look past a few things, most of the girls and guys could not act, the character were very stupid, they kept knocking out the killer then running off, leaving him to get up and resume killing. If you look past the stupidity of this movie you begin to see how much fun it is. The twist with this one is that the killer is one of the teenagers, or one of the weirdos, we don't find out until halfway through, the killer also has more of a character, he isn't just an escaped mental person, or someone that just decided to show up for no reason. The is alot of gore in this movie (and I saw the cut version) the deaths aren't all drills, there is a chainsaw and even a for sale sign comes into play. Over all this is the best of the three, many might disagree with me, but it's my opinion and I love this trilogy and I think the third is the best.

Really Good Sequel.

I simply love this flick, has lots of babes, enough violence (ALTHOUGH WOMEN WILL PROBABLY FIND ALL THEVIOLENCE OFFENSIVE SINCE THE WOMEN SUFFER MORE HERE THAN THE GUYS DO), blood, nudity and lots of screaming. The plot is non-existent but nonetheless this is a fast paced, fun filled film, and you will get to see 2 scream queens in action: MARIA FORD and HOPE MARIE CARLTON.

Great Slashfest.

This flick is loaded with those great ingredients that make a great slash flick. But this flick actually has moments of intensity with a truly insane psycho driller killer with some hilarious dialogue. This flick also has the dumbest slash victims in slash history. These girls are trapped in their own home. They have about 100 chances to escape and yet they stick around and run upstairs to hide. Awesome! I want extra cheese on my slash flicks. This flick has a big body count, a truly crazy killer, and a dozen red herrings- oh yeah and these girls are in their underwear for most of the flick. You got to love these type of flicks.

Exciting Movie

This movie was very good for a B movie. The last 20 min of mayhem were wonderful. Maria Ford's acting was superb. Our favorite character was Janine because she was a dits. Hope Marie Carlton was good for the role. We loved Keely Christian's (Jackie) voice. Suzie was the sickest character. Get away from me Suzie. We are going to order this movie through the mail because it is so exciting!


This movie was so hilarious. The guy who wore all black was really weird. I never thought that I would be surprised at who the killer really turned out to be. The title of this movie does have a significance to it, that this is a movie made not only for slumber parties (very much so it is), but also for people who love slasher flicks (like myself). On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this movie an 8 (good enough to view).

Cheesy conclusion to the cheesy trilogy!

If you made it this far, I'm sure I don't have to explain it too much. Mindless, poorly acted and thought out and of course; cheaply made. But it has it's charm! It's corny to the maximum and you should watch it without thinking too much and enjoy it for what it is. Mindless fun! Naturally, that doesn't mean it's a masterpiece. It's basically like the other two, just retold with a new cast and a few tweaks. You can notice the pattern easily. With all that in mind, I give it 6.5/10 because of the cheese. Enjoy! :D ;)

The Driller Killer Returns!

The Slumber Party Massacre series will never be known as one of the most life changing horror franchises of all time. They're mindless fun at best and Slumber Party Massacre III attempts to do something slightly different by keeping the gratuitous boob shots and gore, but taking away a lot of the fun.

The basic set up is typical slasher stuff with a group of girls hanging out on a beach and getting ready for a big sleepover at one of their parents' houses that night. They're semi-stalked by a creepy guy and, on the way back to the house, one of the friends is murdered. Obviously, once the party kicks off, a few boys show up to crash the party and check out the girls dancing in their underwear (and less) and the killer decides to crash it, too.

Unlike the first two films in the series, there's an element of whodunit mystery here. Could the killer be the aforementioned creepy beach guy with the ponytail? Perhaps the nosy neighbor across the street who spies on the girls with a telescope and seems really interested in checking out the house to see if he wants to buy it? Or maybe it's one of the goofy guys who have showed up to crash the party? This element does help it stick out from the other two films and keeps things pretty fun at first.

It's only once the killer is revealed that things take a slightly darker turn and it begins to feel more home invasion than slasher. If you're into that sort of thing, maybe you'll enjoy it, but I found it left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.

Girls, Drills, Thrills, spills and FUN!

This one is a lot better than the first may not be up there with the greats, but it's worth seeing if ya wanna see girls running around in their bras and getting drilled to death! There should've been a special award given to this movie: Best Usage of a Drill! I haven't seen the 2nd one in the series...I plan to sometime...