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Despite the title, the film itself does with the Sphinx is not connected. Of course, it will appear on the screen, but, in fact, gives only the charm and flavor. The story seems simultaneously too simple for a two-hour picture, and too confusing to be viewed with one eye. It is probably best not to consider “the Sphinx” from a scientific point of view — why should one cry of the protagonist, doctor of Egyptology, when you look at the pyramids: “They’re so big!”. But all that happens involuntarily tighten those interested the viewer into the maelstrom of mysteries and intrigues of the court architect of the Pharaoh Sechi. It is worth noting that the book Robin cook has little in common with the film that turned a short, simple novel in an action-adventure game: the dialogues are replaced by car chases, fights and murders, and all this against the backdrop of the pyramids of Giza.


This movie REALLY does the book justice. VERY well made movie!

I first read Robin Cook's book "Sphinx" while in the Army, stationed in Mainz, Germany in the late '80s. I mentioned the book to a friend recently and he said "Oh, they made a move from the book". I found the movie on the net and plugged it into the VCR with some trepidation. NEVER are movies as good as the book. Well, this movie proved me wrong. The movie follows the book quite closely, but the lavish sets and great acting make for a very enjoyable viewing.