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Near the end of WW2, the Nazi’s round up some of the most attractive women and send them to a camp where they are expected to make love with some of the Nazi’s soldiers in hope of making an unstoppable master race. Those who refuse to cooperate are subjected to cruel and painful experiments. While all of this is happening one of the soldiers named Helmut falls in love with one of the women prisoners and when he hears that he is going to be shipped out he agrees to take part in a dangerous experiment in order to stay close to the women he loves.


A totally disgusting and hence quite pleasingly scuzzy piece of Italian Nazisploitation trash

Warning: Spoilers

Ghastly medical experiments are conducted on the lovely young lady inmates in a secret SS love camp in order to create a superior race. The wicked, but impotent commandant Colonel Von Kleiben (excellently essayed with suavely sadistic aplomb by Giorgio Cerioni) has the testicles of handsome and virile stud soldier Helmut (hunky Mircha Carven) transplanted into his body. When Helmut discovers that he's been severely mutilated, he assists the female prisoners in revolting against their vile and vicious Nazi captors. Director/co-writer Sergio Garrone really wallows in the unflinchingly raw and graphic sleaze: there's a ripe abundance of gratuitous distaff nudity, a group shower scene, a debauched orgy, seamy soft-core sex, and even lesbianism. Moreover, Garrone delivers the in-your-face harsh and disturbing brutality with unsparing explicitness: women are electrocuted, bloodied and mangled bodies are incinerated in a large oven, a couple of gals have their uterusses surgically removed, and the testicle transplant is every bit as gross and sickening as it ought to be. One especially nauseating sequence occurs when a hapless lass gets boiled alive in a vat of scalding hot water and subsequently gets frozen when the water temperature is turned down to a freezing cold level. Another equally appalling set piece features a frail, naked and seriously wounded virginal waif being hung upside down on a pole and slowly bleeding to death. Nice supporting performances by Paola Corazzi as gorgeous blonde political prisoner Mirelle, Attilio Dottesio as noted master surgeon Dr. Steiner, Serafino Profumo as a gruff, savage sergeant, and Patrizia Melega as the dedicated, but lascivious Dr. Renke. Maurizio Centini's rough, unpolished cinematography, the laughably crude dubbed dialogue, the spare, shuddery score by Vasili Kojucharov and Roberto Pregadio, and the downbeat ending all further enhance the awesomely ugly fun of this perfectly foul, putrid and offensive lump of choice crass Nazisploitation junk.


Warning: Spoilers

If you like the worst of the worst (Or is it the best of the best?) you simply have to check out the Nazisploitation genre. They will NEVER make movies like this again. Thank God.

If you want to imagine what these films are like, just drop your jaw and keep it there for two hours.

SS Experiment, aka SS Experiment Camp, was, like many of the more notorious Nazisploitationers, made in Italy. The explosion of this type of material was the result of the success(?) of other films like "Ilsa She Wolf of the SS", the ultra-crap "Night Porter" and Pasolini's "Salo", three films that couldn't have been further apart in intent if they tried. Ilsa is noteworthy because it is the ONLY film legendary soft-core producer David F. Friedman took his name OFF (Though he also made a strangely nascent precursor to the genre with Love Camp 7 where he actually played an SS officer. (Isn't he Jewish?)) Regardless, everyone involved with these films, be they producers or consumers, (including this viewer), should be ashamed of themselves.

Of all the Italian Nazisploitationers, this one isn't the best, nor is it the worst. (Others include SS Girls, Gestopo's Last Orgy, SS Hell Camp and Tinto Brass's super-stupid Salon Kitty, which like his pathetic Caligula, has a weird soft-core sheen that makes it extra-unbelievable.) How these actors and actresses performed these roles without running straight out of the studio is beyond me. I guess money talks. But isn't there a point where you look at a script and go, "Sheesh, 100 million people died in WW2. Isn't this slightly insulting to their memory? Let alone the memory of those who died in the death camps of Auschwitz, Ravensbruck and Belson?" I guess not. After all, once you've signed on to do a movie called SS Experiment Camp all bets are off.

Interestingly, these films very rarely acknowledge the Holocaust or the "Jewish" angle at all, and few of them are blatantly racist, which I suppose redeems them a little. But isn't it uncomfortable to think they were made in a nation that actually sided with the Nazis? Isn't this a connection you WOULDN'T want to emphasis? These movies, by the way, would NEVER have been made in Germany. (Could you imagine?!?)

By the way, for those of you who didn't go to film school, Pasolini's Salo was NOT AN EXPLOITATION FILM!!! I cannot stress this enough. It was an appendix to his Trilogy of Life which also included his adaptations of The Decameron, Arabian Nights and Canterbury Tales. Salo is closer to its original text, (Sade's 120 Days of Sodom) than anything else. Actually, most of Salo is verbatim from De Sade's book, with only minor alterations. Please, for the love of God, don't confuse that film with this one! Though I find it somewhat funny that so many people make this connection, I forgive them, because they obviously haven't seen SS Experiment Camp. Believe me, it's not coming to a Cinematheque near you anytime soon!

Testicle transplants and lesbian Nazis—a classic combo.

Warning: Spoilers

Sergio Garrone's SS Experiment Camp is one of the most infamous entries in that rather dodgy sub-genre known to fans as Nazisploitation, mostly thanks to its inclusion in the official UK video nasties list during the 1980s. And whilst it is certainly a film that is in very poor taste, using a Nazi torture camp as a backdrop for its tawdry tale of sex and violence, it is also a very silly one and one still worth watching if you're an exploitation completist.

Giorgio Cerioni plays Colonel von Kleiben, head of a team of scientists who are experimenting on female political prisoners in an effort to advance the Arian race. But von Kleiben secretly has his own agenda: by conducting sex experiments using the Third Reich's most physically perfect soldiers, he is also hoping to locate the ideal donor for his intended 'testicle' transplant (his own knackers were bitten off!).

After quite a lot of soft-core sex and the occasional nastier moment (a woman is boiled and then frozen, others have their eardrums burst, and one girl is shot and then hung upside-down), the film finally gets to deliver some truly memorable (and unintentionally funny) scenes. The testicle transplant is guaranteed to get men crossing their legs (particularly when the surgeon pops each nad out, snips and then places them in a tray) and the point when unwilling donor Helmut discovers, mid-shag, that his nuts are missing is hilarious.

SS Experiment Camp may not the best example of the genre (both Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS and Gestapo's Last Orgy are better), but the film is still worth seeing, partly because of its infamy, but mostly because it includes the classic line, 'how have you been doing with my balls?'.

Secret Gitmo training film?

This video nastie was initially banned, but allowed release without any cuts. Supposedly it was the cover and the subject matter that was found offensive, and not the actual film.

Of course, many would find the film offensive. It was poorly shot, had no real actors, had really boring sex scenes, and was just a cheap naziplotation film.

I have not been able to confirm that this was used as training material for the torturers at Gitmo. The limited torture in the film would probably not make it of much use. There was no water-boarding, for example, but there was an interesting use of boiling/freezing water.

If you are looking for a cheap film that makes extensive use of full frontal nudity, this may be just the thing. If you love Bush, then you will find a forest here.

Meets all expectations.

Maybe one of the saddest things a human being can do is to watch a movie like "SS Experiment Love Camp" and criticize it. It's like what did you expect? I understand it when people analyze and discuss compelling works of film like "Apocalypse, Now", but the fact that you with your own will sit through a nazisploitation piece of litter such as this, and have the balls to talk crap on top of it? Oh man, that's ridiculous. And the fact that I'm making an effort to write about this 1976 video nasty, proves that I'm one of these freaks.

As one might suspect, the title gives away everything you possibly need to know. It's exactly what it says. Some people might confuse this to an actual porn feature in whatever weird store that holds this thing in their shelves, but it's a lot lower than that. There are many many naked chicks and almost every scene introduces a pair of genuine POW tits, but the sex/orgy scenes deliver nothing more than the usual sleazy scrubbing that goes on just so they can reach a full feature length.

There's basically four sections to this film: soft-core eroticism, surgical scenes to show some gory guts, female torture scenes, and pointless dialogue about the cunning plans of the Nazis. It's like these ingredients were put in a blender to produce an extra sloppy script. And yes, there is a romance between one of the Nazis and a prisoner. Who would have thought?

Many people find "SS Experiment Love Camp" boring, and that's because it is boring. Even the most deviant scenes aren't much anything to behold. Everything relies merely on naked breasts and screaming. Fans of gore will be disappointed and bored to death, while woman haters get what they want. God forbid if a feminist ever gets near this thing. That's also the beauty of exploitation cinema; most of the stuff that was produced in the 70s alone would never get into a theater these days.

This movie is bad. Watch it if you're a weird exploitation buff like me who just can't keep away from this crap. Also mandatory for video nasty perfectionists, all sorts of psychos, and SSadists. If some mistake this to a cheesy "so-bad-it's-good" flick, they have made a mistake that will probably just leave a bad taste in their mouths.

Bad video nasty....

I did not think much of the film SS Experiment Camp This is a sleazy WW2 Nazi horror film which is more like a comedy in parts In this horror film the poor female POW's get raped and groped by The prison guards at the camp. In an amusing part of the film the commandant decides he wants a new pair of testicles and so removes them from one of the hunky guards. The guard doesn't seem to realise he's been castrated until he goes to have sex one of the French prisoners. SS Experiment Camp was banned in th UK from 1976-2005 because it was thought to controversial. it was eventually passed uncut in 2006 because there was not anything in the film that was thought unsuitable.

Nazi nonsense

SS Experiment Camp was one of the films to kick-start the video nasty furor in the UK. As a result, for the past 25 years or so, it has been considered a notorious film. However, like The Driller Killer, it primarily attained it's infamous status due to the crude cover art used on it's video box. Those people who actually watched the film discovered that it was nowhere near as shocking as it's reputation suggested. Furthermore, it is actually unintentionally hilarious on a number of occasions. SS Experiment Camp is a bit of an enigma.

The story involves a group of women who are delivered to the aforementioned SS Experiment Camp. While there they are subjected to some inexplicable experiments, which often seem to involve forced copulation with a group of Nazi studs (who it has to be said all look strangely Italian). The purpose of the experiments is to find the best stud from this Aryan select and transfer his balls onto the camp commandant who, as we discover, lost his when a Russian woman he was raping bit his off.

Now, the above synopsis may well make the film sound deeply depraved and offensive. Well, it is sleazy and in highly dubious taste but the execution of the film is so amateurish and unrealistic that it really sounds a lot worse than it actually is. The depiction of the camp is more Butlins than Belsen at times. The inmates seem relatively unconcerned for the most part and the Nazi baddies are often hilariously unconvincing. That said, there are some nasty moments, particularly the treatment meted out to the young girl at the orgy; she ends up hanging naked upside down in a shot that recalls the aforementioned distasteful cover shot. But, generally speaking, sequences that achieve such offense are uncommon here. The scenes showing the experiments, while certainly tasteless, are often more strange than anything else. The copulation in a tank of water idea being an example where it is too bizarre to take altogether seriously.

The film does, however, have two uproariously funny sequences. In neither case is the humour intentional...

Funny scene #1: In the first scene we have one of the Nazi studs returning to the dorm and saying how much he is looking forward to banging some hot women in the next experiment. The good Nazi, Helmut, takes offense at this and says, "I think every time you open your mouth you talk sh*t", to which the bad Nazi replies, after a long pregnant pause, "Hey, I don't like that last remark you made....about sh*t". Cue a silly fight.

Funny scene #2: The second hilarious scene begins when Helmut discovers, just as he is about to have sex, that he has no balls. He then runs naked through the camp in search of the commandant. Once he finally confronts him, he delivers the truly immortal line, "OK you bastard...what have you done to my balls?".

Both of the above scenes make the film worth enduring in a comedy sense.

It's very sleazy. There's acres of full-frontal naked female flesh. It's occasionally gratuitously violent. But above all, the notorious SS Experiment Camp is, in the final analysis, a rather silly film.

Total garbage.

Sergio Garrone's "SS Experiment Camp" is a total failure on every possible level.This film was banned in Britain as a video nasty,but it surely isn't as outrageous as many people claim.In fact it's pretty tame even by today's standards.There is some torture and humiliation and lots of nudity and soft-core sex.Some scenes are pretty mean-spirited for example one woman who refuses to go through the experiments is put into the tank.The temperature is first put up to almost boiling point and then the dial is turned the other way making it icy cold.Still the film is extremely dull,so fans of Italian exploitation may be disappointed.Avoid this one like the plague-watch "Beast in Heat" or "Gestapo's Last Orgy" instead!

Not the greatest prison-movie.

Yet another nazi-prison movie, that followed after Ilses success. This one has the usual stuff;lesbian warden, sadistic guards, forced co-workers and lotsa young women in shower/softcore sex scenes. The only highlight in this movie, is when the hero has his testicles removed, so the Kommandant can have them implanted (he lost them on the front, to a russian girl). Rather predictable and the torture scenes are kindda boring - for anyone who have seen this type of movie before.