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David, a college student, is looking for a job. He is hired by Dr. Stoner as a lab assistant for his research and experiments on snakes. David also begins to fall for Stoner's young daughter, Kristina. However, the good doctor has secretly brewed up a serum that can transform any man into a King Cobra snake-and he plans to use it on David.


A mad doctor experimenting with snakes and humans with terrible consequences

The film deals a mad doctor(Strother Martin),his former helper has disappeared and he asks to University professor(Richard B. Shull)a student. A young man called David (Richard Benedict)looking for employment is hired by the scientific.The doctor works a secrets experiments on snakes.Meanwhile David falls in love with his daughter(Heather Menzies).Then the ¨mad doctor¨ injects him a serum into becoming a King Cobra snake causing a horrible transformation.

The motion picture packs horror,romance,shocks and is quite entertained. In the film appear known actors from the 70s and 80s as Dick Benedict(¨Galactica Battlestar,A Team¨),Strother Martin(Peckimpah's usual player:¨Wild bunch¨),Heather Menzies(Robert Urich wife and little girl actress in ¨Sound of music¨)and Reb Brown(a beefcake who played many hunk men vehicles). John Chambers provides a deliriously imaginative make-up ,he won an Academy Award by the classic ¨Planet of Apes¨and made the sequels among others films(Phantom of the paradise ans Island of Dr. Moreau).Executive producers are Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown ,short time after they produced the successful ¨Jaws¨to Steven Spielberg. The motion picture is well directed by Bernard L. Kowalski who worked with Roger Corman.Slick film aimed at youthful audiences and terror lovers.

Sssssssnake Man & The Mad Scientist

This 70's film is very enjoyable. The story focus of the scientist experimenting with his assistant. The film is entertaining and well made. But is more of a Mad Scientist film than a creature feature. Either way I really enjoy this film and if you like 70's films like Frogs (1972) this one is for you.

I hate snakes, but I love this film!

A doctor who specializes in snakes develops a way to turn a human being into a king cobra! Will he use this on the college student who has just became his new assistant?

Sssssss (love that campy title, that's seven S's folks) is an above-average man-becomes-creature horror film. The film is very well made and despite its seemingly cheesy premise actually creates itself an effectively serious tone. The story is intriguing, thanks largely to the likable and well-rounded characters, and builds to some terrifically chilling scenes as well as a nice show-down finale. The makeup effects are solidly created and genuinely creepy. The lovely music score by Patrick Williams is also a highlight.

The cast is definitely one of the films best features. Veteran actor Strother Martin is excellent as he balances his performance between fatherly teacher and sinister scientist. Young Dirk Benedict is charming as Martin's young assistant and attractive Heather Menzies delivers a sincere performance as Martin's daughter, and Benedict's love interest. Also Reb Brown makes for a good bully.

So, you don't have to like snakes to enjoy this intelligent old-fashioned horror tale. It's definitely one of the best of its kind and well worth catching for fans of old school B horror.

What A Sssurprise, I Enjoyed This Film

Warning: Spoilers

I never heard of this film before, until about a year ago. It is an early 70's horror flick; and at the time I was 1 or 2 years old. I knew this movie would have mixed reviews; but at first I thought this would be a terrible movie. The movie starts out basically with teaching of a class on Reptiles. We have a young Dirk Benedict, who is looking for a job. He meets Dr. Stoner, a mad scientist and his daughter Kris( Heather Menendez). David(Benedict) is ready to get started; and Dr. Stoner shows him the ropes. David is unaware what Dr. Stoner has in store for him. He hears about the other assistant Tim from Kris and doesn't think anything of it. Dr. Stoner tells is Kris that Tim just quit and went back home. David then becomes Stoner's new Guiana Pig, Stoner starts giving him shots of Cobra Venom, telling David they are just booster shots for protection against the snakes. Dr. Stoner is really doing another experiment on a innocent student and trying to transform him into a snake. He as well as Kris are unaware of Stoner's intentions. During the movie David and Kris form a relationship that has stoner worried, she is wondering what is going on with her father's secrecy. While the movie proceeds, we have people that start to disappear, a death of student, who was responsible for killing one of Kris's snakes; and Kris finally learns what her father is up to. Toward the end Kris finally finds out what happened to Tim the other assistant. He ended up in a Carnival freak show as a hybrid 1/2 man 1/2 snake. Dr. Stoner's first experimentation was a failure. He is successful in transforming David; but Stoner end's up dead along with the Cobra he was training. Kris finds out David is transformed, and tells the officer's not to kill the snake. She knows it's David; and doesn't want to let go.

I enjoyed this film, it is dated and the special effect are OK for the time period. I loved the story, because it has everything a little comedy, a decent plot, friendship, and tragedy. I also liked it because you don't see many snake horror movies and this one is truly unique. So don't let the title fool you, this movie will surprise you.



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