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Student Confidential

  • R
  • 1987-06-01
  • 01:39:00
3/ 10
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Student Confidential is a 1987 coming-of-age comedy about a high school counselor and the four wayward students under his guidance. Michael Drake (Richard Horian) was a successful business consultant until the principal of a very peculiar high school asks for his help. While Drake takes on this new vocation, his home life unravels.

His wife, Carla (Paula Sorensen), cheats on him, and he finds himself in a bit of a mid-life crisis compounded by suicidal fantasies. However, he devotes himself to saving these misguided kids from expulsion. The first troubled teen is Susan (Susie Scott) who is ignored by the boys because of a facial scar. The next teen is Joseph (Marlon Jackson), a mild-mannered computer nerd with no social life. Johnny (Eric Douglas) clashes with his blue-collar father who urges him to work with his brains not his hands.

Finally, Elaine (Elizabeth Singer) is a promiscuous bad girl determined to break into show business. With his wealth and influence, maybe Drake can help himself as he helps these students