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Tarzana, the Wild Woman

  • R
  • 1969-07-11
  • 01:27:00
3/ 10
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Fifteen years after the disappearance over Africa of the plane, which was flying his wife and little daughter of sir Donovan, from Kenya comes the news that among the local tribes there are rumors of a white woman, living in the depths of the jungle. English Lord decides to organize an expedition to verify the information: because that which the natives call Tarsana, you may find his missing daughter Elizabeth. But the detachment, led by adventurer Glen Schipper are also people who are not satisfied with the return of the heiress of a huge fortune…


When the news arrives that the remains of the plane on which the son and his wife and daughter were traveling were found in Kenya, Sir Donovan immediately organizes an expedition in an attempt to find the granddaughter whose remains have not been found. Glen Shipper is in charge of this expedition for a reward of $ 100,000 and in a village he learns that a white woman called Tarzana (mysterious woman in Bantu-Sic language) lives in a dangerous zone controlled by the rebels. Immediately we leave for that area. But the expedition includes someone who would not mind that Sir Donovan's granddaughter and heir disappeared forever.


Good Euro 'Female Tarzan' Movie

Of course, the main attraction is the topless Femi Benussi as the title heroine. Beyond that, it is a very simple but OK jungle adventure. The production values are adequate, you get to see Tarzana herself riding real elephants, kissing real lions, not just insert stock footage. It should also be noted that the 'African native' music accompanying the dances are really great, not the cheesy, stereotyped, crude "savages' music" (!) you might expect to get.

Topless Jungle Girl: The Movie

African expedition finds wild white girl living with animals on a backlot jungle set. Although not reflected in the IMDB credits, the titular (and then some) role is played by Femi Benussi, at her most gorgeous. There are bad guys and good guys on the expedition, but the principal point of the film is summed up in the observation that Femi spends about 99% of her screen time wearing nothing but a little junglekini thong bottom. (She looks terrific, traveling the jungle on elephantback.) At one point she finds some of the expedition's castoff junk, including discarded clothing, and slips into a jacket she's found in the debris. Her pet chimp eyes her up and down, then shakes his head "no" and she slips right back out of the jacket. (This seems to be conclusive proof that the Darwinian theory is, after all, correct.)

One of numerous topless jungle girl movies emanating from Europe in the late 1960s and 1970s, this is par for the genre. This was not released in the US till about 1976, and then with partly anglicized credits which omitted Femi altogether. The only US video print I have seen, on the Sinister Cinema label, is a bit scratchy but watchable. Femi is worth a wow! in this. (So now where can I find a copy of AMAZONS FOR TWO ADVENTURERS, with peachy Marie Ekorre in a 1970s German version of this perennial favorite theme among voyeurs?)