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Teacher's Pet


James Gannon, the hardboiled city editor of a newspaper, believes that the only way to learn the business is by way of the School of Hard Knocks, and has a very low regard for college-taught journalism, so he's not pleased when his managing editor orders him to help Erica Stone, a college professor, with her journalism class. Finding himself attracted to her, he pretends to be a student in her class, not revealing he's Gannon, whom she despises. As they bob and weave around their mutual growing attraction, they both begin to gain respect for each other's approaches to reporting news, but how will Erica react when she finds out who he really is? 


So incredibly funny!

The film stars Clark Gable, Doris Day and one of my all-time favorites, Gig Young. Mamie Van Doren also appears in a very small role.

I've seen Teacher's Pet four times since I bought it six weeks ago. Gig Young gives the films' funniest performance and got a well-deserved Oscarnomination for it. We see Clark Gable in one of his late roles and Day is as charming and conservative as ever. This movie, unlike so many other classic romantic/comedies, has a message. And a very important one at that.

Each time you watch Teacher's Pet you find something more to laugh at and you really begin to understand and appreciate the wonderful performances.

Wonderful film!

I finally bought this film (great price available on Amazon), and for the first time I saw this film uncut. What a treat! I would love to know if Doris Day and Clark Gable enjoyed making the film together. They have wonderful on-screen chemistry. If they enjoyed working together as much as was reflected on-screen, I'm sure they would have made another picture together if Clark Gable had survived. This was one of his last films. He died two years after this film was released. If you want to see a very enjoyable romantic movie, try "Teacher's Pet," uncut! And what a superb supporting cast, including Gig Young as an interesting romantic rival. It is also a brilliant newspaper movie, showing the inside of journalism. For newspaper journalism, it's as relevant today as when the film was made in 1958. If you want a great Clark Gable double feature, try "It Happened One Night," with Claudette Colbert, and "Teacher's Pet." Gable plays a reporter in both these films. I found it fun that although "It Happened One Night" was made towards the beginning of Gable's career, and "Teacher's Pet" was made at the end, some of Gable's voice qualities are the same, and he uses this voice quality to great advantage in both films. These two films make a great double feature.

Oldie, but Good one for Gable and Day!

This is one of the best performances I have seen for Clark Gable and Doris Day. I felt they captured the lead characters versus playing themselves as is my opinion of so many of their other movie roles. I am neither a Gable or Day fan. So often, Gable seems to be playing the same person despite the movie or role. Many of the Day movies I have seen strike me in a very similar way, i.e. that Doris Day is just doing Doris Day again. The title and beginning music does not seem to fit the movie; the title and music gave me an incorrect impression of the movie, the title and music give the impression it is another teenage beach movie. So many familiar faces in the supporting cast; thought Dr. Hugo Pine was very well portrayed. Worth viewing despite its age and black and white format. Provided me additional insight in the Gable's and Day's acting talent. Refreshing to see them both as strong personalities.