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Terror Train

  • R
  • 1980-10-03
  • 01:37:00
6/ 10
135 votes

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

The college students Doc, Michelle "Mitchy", Mo, Alana, Edward "Ed" and Jackson plot a prank for their college mate Kenny Hampson; however the joke goes wrong and Kenny ends up in a mental institution. Years later, Doc and Mo decide to celebrate their graduation with a costume party and a magician aboard of a train. In the embarkation platform, Ed is murdered by a killer that wears his costume of Groucho Marx. Then he kills Jackson and wears his costume of The Swamp Thing. The conductor Carne discovers his body, but who might be the masked killer?


One of the best slasher films of the 80's!

Proves that you don't need blood and guts to have a successful horror flick. Good acting and suspense plus an ending that will knock your socks off!

A great film filled with suspense

I had to rent this movie so badly, so one night I did and it was cool! The killings are cool and so is the suspense. The scene where that guy was looking through the room trying to find the killer kept me on the edge of my seat! **** out of **** stars.

A decent, fun slasher flick

I really was not expecting much from viewing Terror Train, quite honestly, and I don't think many would. I did not know much about anyway, but I had been really wanting to see it regardless, because it looked cool and it starred Jamie Lee Curtis, who we all know was a big horror star back in the 80s, and I enjoyed all the films she starred in as well. It seemed like it would be a fun watch, and it was.

Well, this was no Halloween or The Fog, but I liked it all the same, even if it is not as classic, professional, and suspenseful. The plot is a college fraternity hosts a New Year's Eve costume party upon a moving train. Simple enough, and sometimes simple plots are the best kinds of plots to go with, though the simplicity of Terror Train makes it seem dull and mediocre at times. I liked the very cool and unexpected twists this movie had though, and even though sometimes the characters were annoying, they were nicely done and they commingled with the type of atmosphere the film had perfectly.

It tries to be more than it is at times, but if you can appreciate B-Movie horrors, or are just a horror fan in all, it is a good time, though nothing to really praise. Overall, Terror Train was very interesting and a nice edition to the slasher genre. There's not much I can really say about it, but it's satisfying in a sense, and I recommend it if you think you'll get any enjoyment out of watching it.

very good slasher flick

alot of comments say this is a Halloween ripoff, not true, Jamie Lee Curtis does a great job in this film showing us why she is the queen of scream. a group of students pull a prank on a kid, the guy ends up having a nervous breakdown, and a couple of years later someone is killing off the people who did the prank. Terror Train does start off a little slow, most horror movies have a kill scene in the first 5 minutes, not this one, they set up the prank in the first few minutes, at first i thought i was in for a really bad horror film, but was i wrong. Terror Train is full of suspense and even a good scare, if you like 80's horror this one is for you, and i must say once again Jamie Lee Curtis was great in this. and they try to make this a who done it but anyone with a brain should know who it is, at one point they might throw you off, but other then that it's no secret who the killer is i give Terror Train 7/10

Another cult classic

Another classic from the 80's and starring the 80's scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis. A far cry from the legendary Halloween (I & II) but on par with Prom Night and a heck of a lot better than the Fog, Terror Train is a super slasher film. It's quite basic, no complicating plot lines and is easy to follow making it an enjoyable horror film. What was it about all the great horror films to come out in 1980 (mid/late 70s-early 80s), where have they have?

HALLOWEEN on the rails

The 1980 horror film TERROR TRAIN might best be described as HALLOWEEN on the rails. In it, a fraternity has a party taking place on a train speeding through the Canadian night. And then, one by one, without anyone knowing it (a situation made even more complicated by the fact that everyone's dressed up in disguises), they all get bumped off in shocking and violent fashion by a maniac. And as with HALLOWEEN and THE FOG, the heroine at the center of this is none other than Jamie Lee Curtis.

But unlike most HALLOWEEN-inspired bloodfests, TERROR TRAIN does boast a lot of good things to lift it above the worst of an always-bad bunch. The director here is Roger Spottiswoode, who served as a film editor for some of Sam Peckinpah's films, including his 1971 horror film STRAW DOGS. The train's conductor is portrayed by veteran character actor Ben Johnson, a stalwart of both John Ford and Peckinpah who won a Supporting Actor Oscar in 1971 for THE LAST PICTURE SHOW. Even more, the atmospheric cinematography of TERROR TRAIN is provided by the legendary British camerman John Alcott, whose groundbreaking work for Stanley Kubrick, including 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and THE SHINING, is legendary. Furthermore, the violence and bloodshed are surprisingly kept relatively down; and while the revelation of who the killer is may not in and of itself be so surprising, it does give the opportunity for both Johnson and Curtis to be heroes.

TERROR TRAIN may not be everyone's cup of tea (and it doesn't really compare to HALLOWEEN); but for those willing to take a spooky ride, it is well worth it.

A Slasher Movie On A Train...Different

Jamie Lee Curtis was once again cementing her status as the Scream Queen, after the successes of "Halloween", "The Fog" and "Prom Night", but this one unfortunately wasn't as successful as the previous ones and remains the least remembered. But that doesn't mean that this movie is bad. A Slasher movie set on a train is something different I suppose, which makes Terror Train a stylish and inventive and really makes the most of it's settings. And I also loved the fact that the killer uses different costumes for each murder, pure genius.

The only draw back on this movie is that most of the murders happen off-screen, but more than makes up for it in the performances like Derek MacKinnion who plays Kenny a very well rounded performance, Ben Johnston does well in his role as the train conducter and even real life magician David Copperfield plays his part well. Hart Bochner plays the coward Doc annoyed me and glad he got his just desserts and once again Jamie Lee Curtis is brilliant as the lead heroine and gives the best chase scene in this movie which is the main highlight of this movie in my books.

All in all "Terror Train" is an underrated gem and a highlight on Jamie Lee Curtis's glowing CV.

A true ride to terror

This is perhaps the best slasher film made during the decade of the 80's. I had the good fortune of seeing this film on Halloween night with a group of friends, and it did not disappoint. Jaime Lee Curtis was her usual spectacular self, and the direction of Roger Spottiswoode kept this film moving at about the same speed as the train itself. Another great thing about "Terror Train" is that it relies on true suspense and good performances for its thrills, not the excessive gore and blood that has hindered most of the slashers of this sort. Give it a peek!