SassyFlix | The Black Alley Cats

The Black Alley Cats

  • NR
  • 1973-09-01
  • 01:21:00
4/ 10
120 votes

Action, Crime, Drama

A group of college girls, two white & two black, are attacked one night by a group of men who drag them into a warehouse. Inside they strip the girls down and take their time abusing and raping them in a graphic scene. Afterwards, the girls vow revenge and immediately go to take karate and gun lessons! They also get cool gang jackets with a feline logo that reads "Black Alley Cats" …cue opening credits. Right off the bat the girls get their revenge on the gang of creeps leaving them unconscious and naked on a public street. A lengthy shower scene at the school ends with a new girl fighting in the nude.

She's a black Amazon type and the girls ask her to join the gang. After that they just terrorize people for kicks. A nightclub filled with mean pimps and drug dealers are robbed at gunpoint by the girls. They crash a suburban house party and force a black man and some of the white women to strip (including Uschi Digart). Then they make them fondle each other while they laugh. A rich white couple gets their comeuppance when they drug one of the girls and force her to have sex. The production values are similar to a 70's era porn film. It features full frontal and very graphic sex (but no hardcore). An extremely rare sexploitation oddity.