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The Candidate

  • NR
  • 1964-10-07
  • 01:24:00
  • Drama


Mamie Van Doren plays Samantha, a hard working modern woman who, because of a chance encounter with senatorial candidate Frank Carlton (Ted Knight), is offered a job by conniving campaign runner Eric (Buddy Parker) aiming to work for the prospective senator. She agrees and we are then shown the complicated way various relationships shape the campaign and how it all falls apart.


Very good political satire

Warning: Spoilers

Ambitious politician Frank Carlton (a fine and credible performance by Ted Knight) decides to run for a senatorial seat in Washington. Carlton puts his political career in serious jeopardy after he becomes involved with English immigrant Angela Wallace (slyly played by buxom eyeful June Wilkinson). Meanwhile, Carlton's slick and unscrupulous campaign manager Buddy Parker (a winningly sharp portrayal by Eric Mason) has a risky fling of his own with brassy dame Christine Ashley (Mamie Van Doren in peak sexy'n'sassy form).

Director Robert Angus keeps the engrossing story moving along at a quick pace and handles the bold material with commendable forthrightness. The brave script by Quentin Vale and Joyce Ann Miller pokes courageous fun at the artifice, corruption, and behind the scenes power plays existent in modern politics while also tackling such racy subject matter as abortion and stag movies (okay, so this kind of thing might seem tame today, but back in the 1960's it took real guts to present this stuff in a film with a serious political bent to it). Moreover, it's well acted by a sturdy cast, with especially stand-out contributions from Robin Raymond as feisty defense attorney Rogers and William Long Jr. as relentless prosecuting attorney Fallon. Stanley Cortez's stark black and white cinematography gives this picture a pleasing crisp look. Steve Karmen's groovy lounge score hits the hip'n'happening spot. Worth a watch.


The Candidate

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