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The Carpenter


When Martin came home from work, he found that his wife cutеув his suit to pieces. She (Alice) already had such attacks in the past, and her husband found it necessary to send her to a mental hospital, so that she lay down there for a while. A few days later she was released – she is still not mad, just has some nervous disorders and sometimes sees things that do not exist in reality.

This was a weird film, by looking at the cover images and reading the plot you would think this was a slasher,well it is and it isn’t. Its more of a thriller/suspense/slasher in my opinion you’ll see what I mean when you watch it. It does have some nice kills in it like a dude getting both his arms hacked off with a buzz saw, another guy gets crucified to the floor with some screw drivers, another gets a drill gun through the neck.  I did enjoy “The Carpenter” though, was very different from what I was expecting.


Tastefully done ..........

"The Carpenter" is not likely to win many fans from the guts and gore crowd. The carpentry tool killings are so over the top, that they are only going to hold interest for admirers of "black comedy". Throw in at least average acting, a story with some originality for a change, and of course a deranged Wings Hauser. Since my girlfriend didn't leave the room and kept watching, even after arms were being cut off with a circular saw, I can confirm a certain romantic angle that I didn't see coming. Without the presence of Wings, this is completely forgettable. Wings fans will not be disappointed. In good conscience I cannot recommend this as a date movie, but I do recommend "The Carpenter" as a good dark comedy.

Excellent late 80's horror

This movie is a classic horror movie in Norway. It's intensely scary yet sensitive. With the ever so talented Wing Hauser as the crazed carpenter, though it's special effects are rather outdated. But it's complex plot and intensely scary music more than makes up for it.

They just don't make them like this anymore. An instant classic.