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The Clown Murders


On Halloween night four guys dressed in a clown’s clothing and masks, attacking a wealthy man engaged in real estate. With him was his girlfriend. Her drugged and kidnapped, and the man thoroughly been violently struck on the head. Among the kidnappers was the former boyfriend hostage. According to the villains, all this is just a joke, without malice. Their goal is to scare the rich to stop their claims relating to the construction of the house. But the longer they kept woman, the less it seemed like it was a joke. Between them began to quarrel, reaching the battering. And then there was one appeared, dressed in a thrown them clown clothes and began to terrorize the kidnappers…


The plot of Clown Murders is a good way for the detective – a few men, including visible wonderful actor John Candy (May he rest in peace) clowns dress up in order to play his friend, because they are having some disagreements about real estate, and this rally, apparently intended to straighten man brains. But the joke goes further than planned – and the victim was lying on the pavement drawing, whack a ladle, and his girlfriend is kidnapped by these clowns, with a view to forwarding it to the kind of rustic country house, followed by hiding from the police.

The plot of Clown Murders has time to turn to another track already glavgeroev before arrival to the country, where numerous conversations and peripeteia heroes gone in the direction of film drama, and banter on about Candy overweight bring muddy elements of comedy. Further – more, a farmer finds this style company and whistled their clown Exodus begins to kill these little people with guns and speakers through which ultimately confuses the already nervous. And the picture itself, was taxiing on a path slasher.

completely under-rated

Warning: Spoilers

i want to write this because it seems only people with a.d.h.d seem to be watching it and commenting on it here. not to mention one guy who seems to think horror movies couldn't be made in Canada (hmm...ever hear of black Christmas?). anyway, i blame these misplaced comments on the completely misleading video cover. if you think this is a brain-less slasher, do not watch it! it's not.

there's a depth and scale to the story and acting that is not completely obvious to anyone expecting a simple slasher. there are underlying themes in this movie that have more in common with a Shakespearean tragedy than a slumber party massacre. sure it's slow - but this movie wasn't made for the a.d.h.d generation. it's a slow-burn sort of movie. the characters are developed with nuisance, past tensions and feuds erupt, secret lusts slowly bubble to the top. and on top of that! - creepy clowns throughout! does the story make complete sense? no. (and perhaps, i just ended up with a shoddy incomplete copy. after all, there hasn't been an official DVD release of this feature - a shame, considering it's one of john candy's first dramatic roles.) but the few times when i did think, "wtf", it still didn't leave me feeling the film was any less entertaining.

it has a nightmarish, surreal quality. it is a tragedy that asks a little more from its audience. it is completely under-rated and well worth watching for anyone with an open mind, respect for character development, and a little patience.