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The Day after Halloween


It’s true, this film doesn’t have a damn thing to do with John Carpenter’s Halloween, it doesn’t even take place on the day before or after Halloween like the video box says. What we do get is a nice little piece of Ozploitation that has a couple of nice nude scenes and a decent amount of tension in this Aussie lensend thriller.

Review: Mother throws Puritan 19-year-old Angela out of the house for frivolous behavior, and a passion for all kinds of get-togethers She does not give up and soon finds herself in the modeling industry. In addition to earning a decent new job and gives her a lot of fans, one of which turns out to be her ex-boyfriend, Angela novice chase across the city.

Also known as:  Snapshot, One More Minute, The Night After Halloween


Say cheese!

The modeling world can be fun, or it can be cruel. Either way you see it, one must know when to go for it. What do you have to lose? In Australia, there's a beautiful hairdresser named Angela(Sigrid Thorton) who gets a chance to do something other than being a hairdresser. After her own mother kicked her out of the house, she would stay at place with some other models. Her first shoot is on the beach, topless. The picture shoot was for perfume. She was uneasy about it at first, but when it went through, she was starting to like it. Yet, there was another issue that she had to contend with. The ex-boyfriend. He owns an ice cream truck. And he constantly stalks her. But he's not the only one. Someone in the company she works for wants to take things further. I liked the plot of the movie. The music was fine. I don't think that anything was missing from the film. It wasn't a bore, whatsoever.

Interesting and okay spoof comedy-thriller type that shows the highs and lows of the model world.

"Snapshot" is one of those odd and different kind of films that show a side of the world that is uncommon, and within this film that is the world of a young fashion model. During this showcase of a different world the film blends well as a comedy and drama spoof. This is the type of movie you view late night on TCM's underground in which I did. Anyway overall for a late 70's independent low budget film it wasn't bad as it entertained.

Set in an international country I believe Australia it involves Angie a young girl who's unhappy she works as a local hairdresser. Yet upon meeting a fashion model Angie is convinced she will give the fashion world a try. And against her mother's wishes she moves out and gets ready to travel the world. Soon Angie sees snapshots of sunny sand beaches, all night dance parties, topless shots and also plenty of alcohol and drugs.

Also the downside of the job is the struggle with weight and depression most alarming is the many perverts and creeps she will encounter. As the mystery and suspense arrives in this film when a strange and mysterious stalker arrives. Overall pretty good B film to watch one late night to pass the time, a pretty good take on the highs and lows of the fashion model world.


Snapshot wants to be a thriller, but it's not very thrilling most of the time and most of the characters are so shady that you don't really care what happens to them, including the lead character who seems so hopelessly naive that you sort of hope she ends up chopped up in a gutter somewhere. What it lacks in thrills, it doesn't make up with interesting drama either. The performances are good and the movie is nicely photographed, but are we really supposed to feel much tension when the main bad guy drives an ice cream van?



The Day after Halloween

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