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The Dead One

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  • 1961-01-01
  • 01:11:00
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During a voodoo rite at Kenilworth, a Louisiana plantation, Monica Carlton (Monica Davis), mistress of the plantation, raises her brother Jonas (Clyde Kelly) from the dead. She commands him to kill "a woman who is coming to the plantation." The woman is Linda Carlton (Linda Ormond), who has just married Monica's cousin John Carlton (John McKay) and who will arrive for their honeymoon right after John shows her the swinging nightspots of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. On their way to Kenilworth, they find exotic dancer Bella Bella (Darlene Myrick) stranded, her car broken down. They take her to the plantation for the night as it's too late to have her car repaired.

The next morning, they learn that Bella's car can't be fixed for another day, so she must spend a second night at Kenilworth. John shows Linda around the plantation, including the slave quarters, where Monica's voodoo rites are now held, and the family crypt, which holds eight generations of Carltons, including Jonas. John tells her that Jonas had dumped the Creole girl he was to marry and shortly afterwards became mortally ill. He says that no one knows what Jonas died from, but Monica, who has entered the crypt, says that Jonas's death "came from a power stronger than any of your stupid religions have ever known" - a voodoo curse placed on Jonas by the Creole girl.

John and Monica later discuss John's visit. John says that their grandfather's will passes Kenilworth to him as soon as he marries. Monica issues a veiled threat, asking what would happen if Linda died before John took legal possession. After dinner, Monica goes to another voodoo rite. Bella calls her "kooky" and John tells her that "No intelligent person believes in voodoo."

At the rite, Monica again summons zombie Jonas and commands him to "kill the girl" to prevent John from inheriting the plantation and thereby ending her voodoo practice. But Jonas doesn't know that there are two girls - Linda and Bella - and he kills Bella. He can't find Linda because she and John are spying on the rite.

Back at the house, Linda discovers that Bella has gone missing. When she and John find her body, John phones the police. Monica realizes that the wrong girl is dead and in a new rite tells Jonas once more to kill Linda. John gives Linda his pistol, then leaves to break up the rite. Jonas enters the house, hides when he hears John coming down the stairs, then goes up for Linda. She shoots him without effect. But then he suddenly walks away without her as John has successfully stopped the rite.

John and Linda go to the crypt and find Jonas's empty tomb. Zombie Jonas comes in and is again unfazed when John shoots him. Monica rushes into the crypt, screaming that Jonas must get back into his tomb because the sun is rising. The police arrive and in shooting at Jonas, kill Monica. Jonas starts to attack the officers, but vanishes in a puff of smoke when the sunlight hits him.

John explains to the police what has happened. A hearse arrives, the police leave, and John plants a "For Sale" sign outside Kenilworth as he and Linda drive away.