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The Devil with Seven Faces


Carroll Baker plays a dual role as translator Julie Harrison and her twin sister Mary. The serpentine plot begins as Julie tells her lawyer Dave Barton (Stephen Boyd) that Mary's life is being threatened in London while Julie herself is being stalked by a mysterious stranger in Amsterdam.


a loungier-than-usual Stelvio Cipriani soundtrack decorates the unfolding events with admirable aplomb!

A giallo/crime thriller hybrid that introduces us to a woman named Julie Harrison (Baker). Julie is being harassed by a couple of mysterious men for reasons unknown and it makes her nervous enough to turn to her friend and lawyer Dave Barton for help. Barton semi-dismisses her and as she is leaving his office becomes the victim of an attempted kidnapping. Barton and his friend Tony save the day, but Julie's problems are just beginning. She explains that she has been receiving troubling phone- calls from her estranged twin sister Mary. As the story progresses we learn that Mary may have been involved in a major diamond heist, screwing over and leaving behind her partners and her husband in the process. Complicating matters further, these no-nonsense criminals believe that Mary is Julie! It's clear that they will stop at nothing to regain their prize and God help anyone who dares to stand in their way! Barton seems to have interests of his own while Tony becomes romantically entangled with Julie putting him in an equal amount of danger. There are, as always, plenty of twists during the running time to keep you enthralled and as the events unfold the violence escalates. Far from perfect (the lighter – the wig – the car chase), though still a solid film with Baker in constant danger while a loungier-than-usual Stelvio Cipriani soundtrack decorates the unfolding events with admirable aplomb!

Good little hybrid movie

This is another one of those Italian giallo/poliziotteschi crossover movies that will keep you guessing to the end, and it's full of groovy music, funky clothes, chain smoking and that delightful sexism we've come to expect from Italian films of this era.

Carrol Baker is Julie, an identical twin who works for Air India, translating things. Her sister, who is the bad twin, is on the run from some goons but little is revealed about that at first, and I'm not going to spoil things here. After being convinced she's being stalked, Julie goes for help from her lawyer buddy and his friend Tony (George Hilton). They agree to help, which is just as well as Julie is attacked the moment she leaves the lawyer's building!

Although not overly violent or action-packed, I thought the mystery angle of the story kept things going, as you have no idea who is after the twins or indeed why anyone is doing what they do. This is a film that initially raises loads of questions, but in a refreshing break from the usual Italian methods, actually answers them (although sometimes that quickly that you'll have to rewind to catch what's being said). There's car chases, shoot-outs, a creepy giallo style scene with Baker in an old house. Baker in fact has a rough time here as various people terrorise her throughout the film. No idea what the title has to do with things though!

the most pairs of hot-pants seen in one film

As has been stated by others, this does not have quite the style or blood of your average giallo but does have other of the elements appreciated by fans of the genre. Carol Baker, for one, and George Hilton, a nice jingly score and probably the most pairs of hot-pants seen in one film. Not much of a plot line and yet it is still made to seem complicated and the main police guy seems to think he is in a comedy film, talking nonsense and prancing about with a magnifying glass. However, it's all done with that gialloesque, fun spirit, with lots of planes and airport scenes, car chases and lots of female (Carol Baker) screaming. Nothing special, but pleasant enough.

A Fairly Decent Thriller

I found this movie a decent thriller from the 1970s. It's known as "The Devil with Seven Faces" or "The Devil has Seven Faces".

Twin Sisters - one good, one bad. Mary, the good twin, finds herself being chased by jewel thieves - she has been mistaken for her evil twin Julie. Mary has not seen her sister Julie in years... what has Julie been up to and why is she being stalked / hunted down by these international thieves? You'll have to watch the film to find out.

The movie does have some twists and turns - will leaving you guessing a bit as to which is Julie and which is Mary. The ending of the film is somewhat predictable but over all the movie is a fairly good thriller.

Good Crime Drama

Warning: Spoilers

Not a horror film but a crime drama about a woman who gets mixed up with jewel thieves.

Starring Carol Baker, George Hilton and Stephen Boyd this is actually a pretty good little crime drama. Its more the sort of thing that is best viewed when you stumble upon it on TV late at night. I liked it, but really wish that the packaging hadn't made it out to be some sort of horror film.

Worth a look, its the sort of thing you'll find in the 99 cent rack and its worth the price and investment of time.

Between 6 and 7 out of 10

More crime thriller than Giallo, but still a good film

The_Void19 August 2007

Despite the title, which suggests that this will be a horror film, The Devil with Seven Faces is actually a straight crime thriller. The film features several of the Giallo trademarks; but gory murder isn't one of them, and instead the plot focuses on a missing diamond worth one million pounds. The style of the film is very much Italian, with all the characters being of the slick and cool variety and the plot taking a backseat to some odd decisions and unlikely happenings. It's safe to say that this isn't the usual Giallo and some fans may be disappointed; but in its own right, The Devil with Seven Faces is a fun little thriller with lots to enjoy. The plot focuses on Julie Harrison, a woman who finds herself being chased by criminals after it emerges that her twin sister Mary stole an expensive diamond and then double crossed her partner. She meets Tony; a suave racing car driver who saves her from the criminals and gives her a place to hide. But the plot thickens when a diamond dealer turns up and mistakes Julie for her sister...

The film features two of the major Giallo stars; George Hilton and Umberto Lenzi's favourite leading lady, Carroll Baker - who are reunited after 1968's The Sweet Body of Deborah. I'm not Carroll Baker's biggest fan, but she has a lot of experience playing the terrified woman and she does well with the central role. George Hilton also plays to his strengths as the charming, but strangely sinister leading man and the pair have a good on-screen chemistry. The plot flows well throughout and there's usually enough going on to ensure that the film never becomes boring. Director Osvaldo Civirani populates the film with enough car chases and shootouts to make sure that it remains entertaining even when the plot isn't doing much. It soon becomes obvious where it's going, but the ending is well handled and the twist is logical even if it isn't exactly difficult to guess. Overall, the fact that this film doesn't follow the Giallo formula may make it disappointing for people expecting a gory, murder-fuelled thrill ride - but in it's own right, this is a decent film and I recommend it.

The Devil with Seven Faces (1971)

Carroll Baker stars as a woman targeted by a group of international jewel thieves who mistake her for her twin sister. It would seem that her twin made off with a serious rock of some other families jewels. Two men help the desperate woman to run from the pursuing thieves but are they what they seem.

'Seven Faces' starts out with the feel of a 'Giallo' (even the name seems to indicate it) but you soon find out that it's a fairly standard crime thriller with the prerequisite twist. The production is pretty standard. It's not overly visually interesting and the script isn't much better. For fans of the genre only.

I didn't actually understand the title

...but I loved the film. Reading other viewers comments, may I point out that Stephen Boyd and Charlton Heston's chariot race occurred in 'Ben Hur' NOT 'The Ten Commandments'! I prefer Boyd's work in modern day set films, and this performance rates among his best. Same goes for Carroll Baker, always underrated. I have a soft spot for Lucretia Love. I'll watch anything she's in. Also, some sterling work from Daniele Vargas, as usual, and the guy who played the inspector, Franco Ressel. My copy of the film was on a 50 movie pack called 'Drive In Movie Classics' an absolute bargain with a lot of 'classic' films (of their type), highly recommended right across the board.

Crime thriller with marginal horror overtones

This film was one of two videos featuring Carroll Baker that I found in a resale shop in Portland, Oregon. The reason I say this is that they both seem to be specialty videos dubbed from international sources and initially sold on a "request only" basis. Being a fan of La Baker, I was anxious to try both. This movie was lensed by a director primarily known for peplum and spaghetti westerns, but manages a nice steady clip and passable performances from the international cast. The plot involves Baker and her "twin sister" with international jewel thieves and a missing diamond. It appears that the criminal element believes Baker is her sister, involved with the potentate whose gem was stolen. Baker approaches solicitor Stephen Boyd and sidekick George Hilton for protection. Those with even a cursory knowledge of Italian gialli know that "all-is-not-what-it-seems" and perhaps knowing this will dilute some of the surprises.

The music is gloriously overblown Morricone-esque lounge, and Baker's blue wig worn at seaside is worth the price of viewing. If you can find this film, I recommend viewing for the sheer brilliance of having an action pursuit taking place in and around a windmill! The setting has been used before and since (most memorably in Black Windmill), but creates a nice frisson not usually associated with Italian thrillers.