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The Great Bank Robbery


Lyda Kabanov and her assortment of buddies pose as leaders of the only church in Friendly, Texas, their intention being to rob the fortress-like bank built by the Brothers James, Dalton, and Younger to house their ill-gotten gold. Arriving in town on dust-covered feet, Lyda is introduced by phony evangelist Pious Blue as "my cousin" and she promptly opens her dress and displays her voluptuous charms.


Very Funny!

This was an excellent "escape" movie. I mean, if you wanted to escape reality for a couple of hours...this is a humorous way to escape. It truly was almost a laugh a minute. You could keep ahead of the action and guess what was coming. It did not disappoint you! It was a FUNNY movie. With all the chases going on and so many main characters to follow; it truly kept your mind occupied and kept you following the ever-changing plot lines. The inter-mingling of so many sub-plots just added to the overall effect of the movie. Just when you thought you had seen the end of the plot line, there was even more intermingling between the various groups involved in "Harmony". Does anyone know where I can buy a copy for home viewing? DC III

This movie is an American comedy classic

Anyone who was not in stitches after watching this movie should take another look. This was quite simply one of the best comedies ever made. Hopefully, someday the powers that be will recognize the worth of this film and release it on DVD. Fans of Clint Walker and Kim Novak owe it to themselves to have this movie as a part of their collection, because the scope of their careers and the range of their abilities can not be adequately represented without it.

Kim Novak in WB Comedy

Warner Bros made a great PR note that Kim Novak was to star in her first Warner Bros film The Great Bank Robbery. At first when I heard it I was dismayed because Kim Novak took second billing to Zero Mostel who true to his name the fine actor had 'Zero' box office, and also because I believe Kim replaced Melina Mecouri, not a good sign for a major star of the then magnitude of Kim Novak's stardom. Also Kim Novak had just starred in the flop The Legend of Lylah Clare at MGM and I thought Kim took the first big paycheck offered to her; I was wrong. Ms Novak is gorgeous and delightful in this zany comedy directed by Hy Averback and co starring WB rugged Clint Walker along with a cast of fine character actors. This film is a delightful surprise.

The Great Bank Robbery

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