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The Halfway House


In spiritual correctional organization start cryptically vanish people. Performing its individual investigating, the sibling (Mary Woronov who played in a WIP erotic movie Prison a Go Go) of one of the lacking chicks, confronted with the advantage that clergy, heads of this establishment does not really have something to do with spiritualty.

(The Halfway House) – an institution for the rehabilitation of prisoners who have served their sentence , cured addicts , alcoholics and psychiatric patients. Someone stylistically slurred, but at the same time, the exact abstract:

”Larissa Morgan investigates the disappearance of her sister in a shelter for troubled girls. But what she finds daunting. This shelter is more like a house of horrors , populated by a priest with a taste for corporal punishment and a nun who worships something other than the Christian God . .. ”

A little add a description more emotional remark: naked girls against lavkraftianskogo monster and Shadow Necronomicon! The film – a cross between a gnome and a Bloody DELTA DELTA DIE. Horror / Comedy / erotica. Attention: Monster – not a computer! Director – Kenneth J. Hall, who in the 80s wrote scripts for Fred Ray Olena, along with Ray and Ted Newsom took the iconic EVIL SPAWN, made ​​effects to BIOHAZARD and so on. In the role of an evil nuns – the cult Mary Woronov, which in the view hardly needs.

Good thrash with plenty of humor, severed limbs, blood, and erotica. Created the impression that he appeared not now, but in 80 years. It was promoted by a puppet kind of monster, whose design was painstakingly close to lavkraftovskomu Leviathan from the collection kinonovell Necronomicon.

And the whole movie is a direct reference to the work of HP Lovecraft Howard . Only it turned out not to sample the writer – quite comical, without any depth of thought and disturbing atmosphere. I must admit that I am a fan of both of them, and therefore, this picture will take its rightful place in my collection.


Delightfully irreverent 80s-retro style B horror comedy

B movies experienced a sea change in the 60s in response to competition from racier foreign films, and T'n'A became a staple feature of the genre. The tide turned again in the Bush, Sr. era as politically correct movie makers like Wes Craven cleaned house, ditching gratuitous nudity and sleaze to appeal to the more conservative leaning Gen X American teens.

THE HALFWAY HOUSE, made in 2004, is a welcome leap back in time, a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the bad ole days, when horror films were a spit in the eye of the self-proclaimed Moral Majority.

Cult mistress Mary Woronov toplines a thoroughly charming and capable cast, who play a motley assortment of delinquents, psychopaths, and cops. A stableful of budding scream queens light up the screen, eating up the pulp dialog and brightening many an adolescent boy's silver dreams by generously flaunting their bodies.

With its gleefully perverse jabs at Catholicism, including one prop gag that will have Legion of Decency crusaders reaching for their heart pills, this film is not for Bible Belt soccer moms or unreformed altar boys, but fans of 80s B classics like "REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS" or "NIGHT OF THE DEMONS" will be rolling in the aisles.

Low budget, set mainly in one location with judicious breaks throughout, the film delivers some cool sets and nicely done Lovecraftian EFX. A far cry from the typical no-budget shot-on-video fodder being cranked out by countless wannabe horror directors that choke the videostore shelves.

The story is solid enough, and the dialog is often hilarious. Mercifully, writer-director Hall whips up irony and sarcasm rather than the painful one-liner puns usually relied upon for comic relief.

This is exactly the type of film "serious" moviegoers will disdain without watching. But frame for frame, it delivers more entertainment value than most Hollywood movies made for thirty times the budget.

Great campy fun

Warning: Spoilers

Ah, my kind of horror flick. I just picked up the unrated directors cut of Halfway House and I wasn't disappointed.

This is a fun, campy movie, sort of in the same spirit as The Hazing, only instead of Brad Dourif we get Mary Woronov, and instead of a demon we get a Lovecraftian "old one" in all it's practical FX goofiness, no bad CGI monster in this baby, this is old time monster cheesiness! And it all takes pace at a halfway house for wayward girls so there is a sort of WIP buzz also going on You want gore? we got gore. You want nudity? We got lots of nudity. You want kinky lesbian sex? Check.

Yeah, they don't make them like this too often these days. Yeah, this is the kind of film I live for. Best character name: Cherry Pie If you like campy, cheesy horror, with gore and boobs and monsters that don't come out of a computer then give this baby a shot.

Halfway House is FANTASTIC

I actually caught this movie back at the Valley Film Festival and thought it was great. It was such an unexpected delight. Sure it's in the vein of Skinamax, but unlike most of the drab late night flicks, Halfway House is DAMN amusing.

I was combing the shelves of my video store and saw it. Immediately I grabbed and brought it home.

The one eye monster in the basement is a hoot and is actually done really well. It definitely meets the the standards of Industrial Light and Magic. That is if Lucas and ILM were making a exploitation boobie creature feature.

The acting is rock solid for a movie that takes itself tongue in cheek. The sound is clear, picture is pretty, editing is seamless, and score is a 10.

If you don't like this movie then you just don't get it. If you get it but still don't like it, then something is wrong with you.


The Halfway House

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