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The Hang Up

  • R
  • 1969-11-26
  • 01:15:00
6/ 10
3 votes

Crime, Drama, Romance

Tony Vorno (Jailbait Babysitter) stars as Sgt. Robert Walsh, a hard nosed vice squad cop who must have drawn the short straw back in the precinct because he’s undercover in drag, going from one sleaezpit to another to help stamp out the debauched goings on. Considering he dresses up in drag, he sure has some harsh things to say regarding homosexuals and deviants (hey, no prejudice from this writer folks!). When he’s not on the streets or kicking ass in a skirt, he’s at home living in uninspired misery. That is until Angel (Sharon Matt, Baby Vickie), a local sex performer… I mean masseuse, walks in to his life. The pair forge a relationship, even leading to Walsh tipping her off about a raid. It’s going beautifully for the pair until fate rears its ugly head and Walsh finds himself in something of scandal and Angel reveals a shocking truth.

The Hang Up is a fairly scuzzy little film that blends the roughie with melodrama. The film and the characters are rough round the edges, but it never gets too nasty. There is plenty of flesh on show throughout, but it never becomes overly sleazy. That being said, there are some fairly campy moments throughout, especially when it comes to Robert’s and Angel’s relationship. Sleazehounds, do not be disappointed! The final third of the film is a fantastic exercise in downbeat craziness. Those looking for an academic element will be interested in the theme of gender politics and sexuality. Yep, seems there is something for every exploitation fan with this one. Well, for the most part yes. Unfortunately, the film does tend to plod in places which is a shame because there is so much there in terms of classic exploitation.

Directed by:

John Hayes

Writing Credits: