SassyFlix | The Howling

The Howling

  • R
  • 1981-03-13
  • 01:31:00
6/ 10
424 votes


Serial killer Eddie Quist has been preying on the homeless, and Karen White is the only newswoman he communicates with. After a near fatal encounter with him at an adult video store, she is ordered by Dr. George Waggner to take a vacation. Eddie was killed by police officers, but Karen's role in capturing him had been quite traumatic and she can't picture his face. She discovers that he came from a small community in the woods where she decides to vacation with her husband Bill Neill. What she does not realize is that Eddie was from a pack of werewolves who are trying to keep a low profile and does not want any interviews. Now she must not only fight for her life... but for her very soul.