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The Labyrinth of Sex

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  • 1969-03-19
  • 01:35:00
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This documentary tries to take the audience on a shocking ride through a variety of sexual deviations. It's not terribly shocking, but I'm 45 years late to the party. The visual content is okay, but the explanations offered in the soundtrack are often inaccurate. The section on homosexuality downplays biological explanation and offers a Freudian sort of explanation. I'm no expert on nymphomania, but that section seemed to offer a lot of falsehoods as well.

The movie starts with a birth scene, which made me think it was going to be much more graphic throughout. But instead, the movie is made up in large part by prolonged dramatizations illustrating the "deviations." There is some sex-change operation footage toward the end. It's female-to-male, which is a less common sight in these kinds of movies.

At the end, the movie doesn't seem able to decide what it is. The narrator delivers a couple messages that are only loosely tied. One is a protest for frank sex education in children, and the other a kind of love letter to the innocence of youthful love.