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The Las Vegas Hillbillys


When Woodrow Wilson Weatherby, a Tennessee wood hauler, inherits a Las Vegas casino from his uncle, he goes to investigate the property, only to find that it comes with a $38,000 debt and a couple of persistent creditors. But Woody's Aunt Clementine has some ideas they hope can turn the business around. 



Mamie Van Doren is so attractive, this silly film is worth the watch with the added bonus of Jayne Mansfield. Nothing to write home about, this goofy romp with songs is a strange combo of Beverly Hillbillies humor and rockabilly-type music. Ferlin Husky as the slow-witted lead and a whole slew of strange character actors.

A 4 out of 10. Best performance = Mamie Van Doren. The color is this is very strange and there many skin-crawling performances, but Mamie as Boots Malone is terrific. It's hard to describe this, but it's a fun time if you like Gilligan's Island. Jayne Mansfield had sure come down a lot in her career, but people have to work.

Little Plot, Lotta Singin'

"Las Vegas Hillbillys" (1966) is quite the movie. It features about twenty minutes of plot and sixty minutes of country singin'. I guess in the days before "Hee Haw," rednecks had to have some way to get their country music fix.

The movie is actually somewhat entertaining if you overlook the atrocious acting (with a hilarious scene featuring Jayne Mansfield talking on the phone), inane story, and thoroughly unimaginative camera-work. If you really enjoy classic country music, you may enjoy this film. If you generally enjoy cult films, you'll probably find this film fun and even somewhat endearing. But if you're not a fan of either of those two genres, steer clear, pardner!

The Las Vegas Hillbillys

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