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The Liquidator


Colonel Mostyn is the chief of a section of the British Security Services when they are embarrassed by the number of spies and defections. The Chief tells him to do something about it so he hires Boys Oaks as Agent L – The Liquidator, to assassinate people about to cause trouble. Although Boys likes the cars and the girls that his new position attracts he’s not any good at it. He’s also got a phobia about flying that makes jetting off to exotic places a bit of an embarrassment.


Fine spy spoof with the underrated actor Rod Taylor

This spy spoof deserved more than what it got at the time of its release in 1965. Rod Taylor, a great actor, was very funny in this movie about an unofficial secret agent, named Boysie Oakes, in charge of killing soviet spies in England. In reality, Boysie is anything but the killer he is thought to be by his boss, Colonel Mostin, who by a series of fortuitous incidents and misinterpretations believed Oakes was the right man to rid England of so many enemy agents present in the country at that time. Boysie is able to carry out his assignments without involving himself personally in the killings. but then, as fate would have it, reality catches up with him and he is forced to act. I will say no more about the plot and will leave you to watch the film and enjoy it. One last note: Jill St. John, more beautiful than ever, is there too. And Trevor Howard, David Tomlinson and Akim Tamiroff also lend their talents to this winner.

A funny spoof on the spy genre that was typical of the 1960s.

"The Liquidator" was such an amusing film. I loved the fact that Shirley Bassey sang the theme song a la James Bond. It was great to see a spy whose hormones were far more potent than his efforts with a gun. A particularly funny part occurs when Trevor Howard is rescued by Boysie, as Paris is being liberated. Howard thinks that Boysie is a killing machine when, in fact, he is a hopelessly clumsy young man. Rod Taylor is deliciously sexy in the film and displays his flair for comedy.


The Liquidator

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