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The Majorettes


A hooded psycho killer is going around killing the members of a high school cheerleading squad in a small western Pennsylvania town. While the local sheriff and a federal officer investigate the killings, other going ons around them include a greedy nurse plotting to kill her employer and daughter for a piece of an inheritance while the nurse's creepy son stumbles upon a clue in the killings. Among the various other red herrings include a local biker gang that's suspected in the killings which complicates matters for the police and all the persons involved.

In the film “Majorettes” someone methodically killing beautiful young women at a local college. In college reigns nightmare steeped atmosphere of terror, where every corner you can stumble upon a hidden corpse, and the only thing that interests of students – the art of survival …


An unexpected twist...

Warning: Spoilers

The Majorettes starts out as a below average, badly acted, boring slasher film. A killer in camouflage is murdering the majorettes at a local high school. Big deal. But suddenly at the half way mark, the narrative shifts and it becomes a vigilante flick as one of the slain girl's boyfriends runs around shirtless, dishing out vigilante justice against a group of dope dealers with an M-16. You've gotta see it to believe it.

Needless to say, this bizarre twist boosts the entertainment value slightly and saves this movie from the doldrums of crummyville. No talent in front of or behind the camera, but worth a look for bad movie fanatics.

Trash, but Unpredictable Trash

Come for the slashing. Stay for the big hair and random machine gun shootouts. The Majorettes might not be great art, but you can't say it's a movie where you know where it's going 5 minutes in. You might think you do, but trust me, you don't. Whether it works or not as a moot point, because The Majorettes takes you on a ride. Those expecting a straight up slasher/whodunit might start to twiddle their thumbs, but if you keep an open mind and just embrace all the film has to offer, you might enjoy it.