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The New Kids

  • R
  • 1985-01-18
  • 01:26:00
7/ 10
38 votes

Drama, Horror, Thriller

When Abby and Loren McWilliams' parents are killed in an accident, it is decided that they will live in the small town of Glenby, Florida with their uncle Charlie and aunt Fay, who own a gas station and a small amusement park, both of which share the property.

Loren and Abby do not have much trouble making friends at their new school; Loren starts dating local sheriff's daughter Karen, while Abby begins seeing a guy named Mark. However, trouble arises when Loren sees a guy harassing Abby one day at school in the cafeteria. Mark tells Loren and Abby that the thug is Eddie Dutra, a drug-addicted teenager who heads a gang as bad as he is, with Gideon, Moonie, Gordo and Joe Bob.

Dutra finds Abby attractive, and uses that as his motive. Loren helps Abby keep Dutra at a distance, and Dutra does not like that at all.

Dutra and his gang start retaliating against Loren for keeping them away from Abby. Dutra's retaliations keep getting more and more vicious until Dutra forces a showdown at the amusement park by kidnapping Abby.

Charlie is severely injured by Dutra. Gordo is killed by a vicious dog, and Dutra kills the dog. Loren causes Moonie to be thrown to his death from the Ferris wheel, then Loren causes Joe Bob to be electrocuted above the bumper car ride, then Loren uses the roller coaster to decapitate Gideon.

Dutra then fires a shot at Abby, who flees to the parking lot of the gas station, where Dutra hits her with the gun. Dutra then grabs a nozzle from one of the gas pumps and lights it up to be used as a flame thrower. Loren grabs Dutra, and Loren and Dutra struggle over the nozzle. Dutra dies when Loren forces the nozzle to Dutra's face, setting Dutra on fire.

Charlie survives his injuries, and the park is reopened with a substantial spike in business due to the notoriety of the crimes that happened there. As Abby, Loren and Karen drive away in a car, Joe Bob's little brother looks on in a threatening state.