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The Traveling Executioner

  • R
  • 1970-01-01
  • 01:35:00
6/ 10
6 votes

Comedy, Drama, Western

In 1918 Jonas Candide, equipped with his own electric chair, travels from prison to prison charging $100 per execution. At Fairweather Prison in Alabama, he is hired to electrocute siblings Willy and Gundred Herzallerliebst. After he executes Willy, Jonas is seduced by Gundred and, hoping for her pardon, postpones her execution. When no pardon is forthcoming, Jonas attempts to persuade prison physician Doc Prittle to assist in simulating her execution. Prittle's price is so high, however, that the executioner gambles and pimps to get the money. Refused a supplementary bank loan, Jonas kills a guard. Although he frees Gundred, she deserts the executioner when he returns to town to retrieve his equipment. Gundred's sentence is commuted to life imprisonment, and Jonas is executed by his young assistant Jimmy, who ineptly transforms the electric chair into a funeral pyre.