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The Wicker Man

  • R
  • 1973-12-01
  • 01:34:00
  • Horror


One of the finest shockers to emanate from the 1970s, imbued with a degree of sophistication rarely seen within the genre. Disturbing and thought provoking, The Wicker Man gives chill-seekers their pound of flesh without really compromising its own intelligence by stooping to ladling out gratuitous gore

On Sunday, April 29, 1973, Sergeant Neil Howie with the West Highland Constabulary flies solo to Summerisle off the coast of Scotland. He is there to follow up on a letter addressed specifically to him from an anonymous source on Summerisle reporting that a twelve year old girl who lives on the island, Rowan Morrison, the daughter of May Morrison, has long been missing. The correspondence includes a photograph of Rowan. Upon his arrival on Summerisle, Howie finds that the locals are a seemingly simple minded lot who provide little information beyond the fact that they know of no Rowan Morrison and do not know the girl in the photo. Mrs. Morrison admits to having a daughter, seven year old Myrtle, but no Rowan. As Howie speaks to more and more people, he begins to believe that Rowan does or did live on the island, but that the locals are hiding their knowledge of her. He also begins to see that the locals all have pagan beliefs, their “religion” which centers on procreation as the …


“The Wicker Man” is included in the list of top 500 horror films in the history of world cinema version of the site IMDB, but to experience the undeniable paintings belonging to Robin Hardy’s horror, it needs to see out. This unique film not only has one of the most impressive finals of all time, but is a virtuoso mix of several genres, from which the “terrible” manifests itself only at the end of the story. “The Wicker Man” does not fit into the standard framework of any one genre canons, whether thriller, drama, musical, or a detective, and looks like a hodgepodge made so distinctive and original, the window of the movie is not there. Before viewing the need to be prepared for the author’s film, far from the standard horror film, which can cause confusion on what is happening on the screen, but if you truly inspired with the unique style of the narrative, it will almost certainly get pleasure and mentally turn the “The Wicker Man” in the list of the most amazing films, you’ve seen in your life.

Most of the timing belt Hardy seems ironic detective, intertwined with an erotic musical, does not bode terrible. Sergeant Howie diligently investigating, and the islanders simply scoff at him, one and all giving false testimony, and yet simultaneously sing obscene songs and fuck on every corner. The picture is seen infinitely detached from reality, in which everything that happens – funny joke hapless policeman. Yes, some people are obsessed with religious and pagan foolishness, but they are harmless, fun and naughty, just like any hippies. However, while watching it is important not to forget that in fact it is really a thriller, with the cult, and the final will be clear that there is this story really is.