SassyFlix | Thriller: A Cruel Picture

Thriller: A Cruel Picture

  • R
  • 1973-05-01
  • 01:44:00
6/ 10
6911 votes

Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller

A quiet girl, Madeleine (Christina Lindberg), is sexually assaulted as a child, and the trauma makes her mute. One day when she is older she accepts a ride from a man, Tony (Heinz Hopf), who makes her a heroin addict, and then becomes her pimp. To hide the fact that she was kidnapped, the pimp writes hateful letters to her parents who become so distraught they commit suicide. At one point, she is stabbed in the eye for refusing a client. Madeleine then begins saving money to purchase a car to escape and take lessons in driving, shooting, and martial arts in order to take revenge.