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Toys Are Not for Children

  • R
  • 1972-05-31
  • 01:25:00
  • Drama


A troubled young girl grew up into a very attractive woman. So why is she a prostitute? Her drama is that of having had a suffocating mother resented at her husband for his obsession with prostitutes. So, nowadays, Forbes acts like a little girl for her costumers, trying to regain her father love. But her drama does not finish here, for when a colleague tries to seduce Forbes and is rejected, she will ensue vengeance!

Jamie Godard – a young girl living with her grumpy mother. When Jamie was a little girl her mother kicked out of her father’s house. It somehow affected the mental well-being of girls in connection with what has become manifest perverted sexual fantasy against her father knows where located . Even the wedding has not helped the girl to cope with its peculiar complex – her husband stopped getting marital debt from his wife , so he had to seek solace on the side with other women. Jamie , in turn, became prostitukam exclusively for older men – those who fit her father , and who is able to call her during love-making ” his girl” …

A young girl with a shrewish, puritanical mother and an absent, whoring father. She becomes unnaturally attached to the toys her father gives her, even taking them to bed with her as a young adult, much to the consternation of her new husband with who she proves decidedly frigid. While her husband seeks solace from other women, the heroine comes upon a unique solution to her frigidity problem–she becomes a prostitute catering exclusively to a strange breed of older men who call her “baby” and insist that she call them “daddy”. All of which leads to a very predictable but nevertheless touchingly tragic encounter with her actual father.


a mind&%#$ of a film, i liked it

Jamie is a mentally stunted adult obsessed with the father whom her mom kicked out when she was a young girl. This movie is insane. it did keep my interest throughout. Those who go into this film, thinking it'll be another 70's-era skin flick are in for a surprise. Nudity is kept to a minimum. This is more of a psychological mind&*%$ If you stick with it, it's a pretty good, creepy b-movie. This movie is coupled with "The Toy Box" on the DVD ...

Incredibly Bizarre Psychodrama

Toys Are Not For Children and this movie isn't for everyone. Aesthetically, it looks like it was scrapped together with a child's leftover lunch money, but the story, while sleazy, seems to have higher aspirations than low budget sleaze.

A young woman has an unhealthy obsession with her father whom she never sees since her mother separated from him due to his various infidelities. She lives in a stunted kind of existence, still playing with toys he bought her. This infuriates her husband whose upset that she doesn't want to have sex with him. Unhappy with her life, she runs away and ends up befriending a middle aged high class prostitute who gets her into the world's oldest profession where she meets men who are old enough to be her father and...well...let's just leave it at that.

If one were to read this script, I'm sure it would practically ooze sleaze, but the film itself feels more like a slightly more edgy after school special with precious little actual nudity or sexual content. Performances are spirited in that grand old low budget film way and one could almost believe they were brought over from the John Waters or Andy Milligan flick filming a few states away.

Toys Are Not For Children does a great job of balancing true drama and sleaze.

Toys Are Not for Children

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