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Treasure Island


Young Jim Hawkins has an unforgettable encounter with pirate Captain Long John Silver and his murderous mates.


The best version

Far more realistic and exciting than the 1950 Disney version, and with a much better budget. Kim Burfield was excellent as Jim Hawkins and the locations in Spain and Italy are superb. It is like a spaghetti western.

A good version of Treasure Island

I agree this film is slow paced, however it has some redeeming points. Lionel Stander gives a great performance as Billy Bones. Stander was gruff looking and perfectly cast. Jim Hawkins, played by Kim Burfield, does remind one of young Jackie Cooper, in the Wallace Berry version. Walter Slezak is good as the squire, but he does not get many scenes to play out his role. Orson Welles plays Long John Silver very well, his mumbling may at times be unintelligible, however this appears to have been done so that the audience gets a good picture, or a rough, tough, sea faring man who has seen a lot in his years as a pirate. The relation ship between Jim and LJS is almost like a father son relationship. I enjoyed this version, the cinematography, and costume design are superb. A++++

Lacklustre swashbuckler

An American adventure based on the 1883 Robert Louis Stevenson novel, "Treasure Island". It's a coming-of-age story about a brave young Bristol boy who acquires a map of huge treasure which was buried on a distant tropical island in the South Seas. His quest, with friends, and ruthless pirates, is to find the loot. It deals with themes such as the search for heroic role models, and the futility of desire. While faithful to the source material, the film has a rather dispirited feel and this is down to a lacklustre direction. Orson Welles as Long John Silver is well-cast. Kim Burfield as Jim Hawkins has a wide-eyed charm, and conveys the wonder and excitement. But, ultimately, the film lacks excitement and fails to create any sense of urgency or real danger.

Treasure Island

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