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Up in the Cellar

  • R
  • 1970-08-12
  • 01:34:00
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Comedy, Romance

College student Colin Slade loses his scholarship when a computer judges his poetry harshly, and the politically ambitious college president, Maurice Camber, backs the machine's decision. Colin meets Hugo Cain, the leader of a campus group who believe that opposing extremists will destroy each other, leaving the path open for the "Ultimate Revolution." Hugo persuades Colin to take revenge against Camber by committing suicide at a gathering to announce Camber's candidacy for the Senate.

However, as Colin prepares to jump from the college radio tower, he is rescued by Camber. Furious, Colin sets out to create a scandal by seducing Camber's wife, Pat, his daughter, Tracy, and his black secretary and sweetheart, Harlene. He discovers each woman's weakness: Pat is a secret believer in astrology; Tracy believes herself to be ugly; and Harlene believes that white men have inflated expectations of black sexual prowess and therefore refuses to have sex with Camber. Colin films Tracy in the nude, persuading her of her own beauty. At a decency rally held by Camber, Colin substitutes his home movie of Tracy for the scheduled film, The Sound of Music .

He next seduces Pat by posing as an astrology enthusiast. Pat then interrupts Camber's press conference to urge students to embrace free, "astral" love. However, Colin's revenge is again foiled when Camber gains sympathy as a result of his public embarrassments. Pretending to be black, Colin at last seduces Harlene. He then reveals that he is white, to the delight of Harlene and Camber, who can now consummate their relationship. When Camber divorces Pat, Colin joins mother and daughter.