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The younger sister, Bonnie, of Hollywood stuntwoman, Laurie, was attacked by the rapist and defensively, kills him. But the circumstances and the lack of evidence are against her and she gets for two years in prison. In prison all show is runned by the gangs of women drug addicts and lesbians.

Rebellious girl is constantly under attack, and in the end she was forcibly drugged, tortured and killed. Do not believe in the version of suicide made by authorities, Laurie commits a misdemeanor to get in the same prison.

There she begins her investigation she is constantly faced with prison outrage from both and the gang and by the guards. Even for a such experienced stunt like Lori was not easy to handle them. But when she finds out the truth about the murder of sister, Laurie did not stop the vendetta.


Good Movie

I Love this movie it was so good and I cant wait for it to come out on DVD. This movie was a good 80's prison movie The acting was not that bad for it to be a b movie I think this is one of those good stay home on the week-enders and watch with your friends Does anyone know if this is coming out on DVD? There is another movie that goes with this hand and hand--it is called Concrete Jungle. They are both good and you can watch both together So please if you have not seen these movies run out and get them both. This hard trying to write all of this comment. I am running out of things to say. Why does it have to be a least 10 lines. I am almost at ten lines. Go out and get the movie Vendetta you wont regret it.

Pretty Satisfying (SPOILERS)

Warning: Spoilers

I highly recommend this movie to all who get a guilty pleasure from seeing good looking chicks beating the living crap out of one another.

As has been said elsewhere, a stunt woman goes berserk when her sweet little sister (Bonnie) is unjustly imprisoned for doing nothing more terrible than defend herself against a would-be rapist, with fatal results for the nasty man! In order to avenge her late sister she hijacks and proceeds to trash in spectacular style, the valuable automobile belonging to the judge who had sentenced her sister. The same judge then sends her to the slammer for one year. By a happy coincidence it is the very same slammer in which Bonnie was killed.

It does not take our heroine long to work out what had happened to dear little Bonnie and once she has identified the killers, they begin to be taken out, one by one.

The fight scenes in which the evil ones are sent to eternity are truly excellent.

I have to concede that any tenuous connection between the events in this flick and the real world is purely coincidental.

The movie ends with the heroine, who has recently killed several women as well as gravely injuring a nasty male prison officer, being released to be driven away by her still loving boyfriend.

As an aficionado of rubbish exploitation movies, I can recommend this to all similarly inclined persons.

Great stuff!

WIP at its best.

Warning: Spoilers

After watching Jess Franco's dreadful 'Women of Cellblock 9', where the women are simply eye candy torture victims, it was great to see this one. A hard as nails stuntwoman Laurie Collins (Karen Chase) gets herself imprisoned in the same jail her sister was murdered in and sets about wiping out those responsible. Like most movies of this type, the script leaves a lot to be desired, with prison guards who seem to vanish whenever convenient and nobody twigs that it just MIGHT be the new girl with martial arts skills who is reducing the prison population! What is good about 'Vendetta' is the cast (notably the head bad girl Kay played by Sandy Martin) really do look like convicts, rather than the perfect bodied playboy starlet types who usually end up in movies like this. Real life stuntwoman Karen Chase is no pin-up and is believable in her role as she kicks her enemies to death as well as showing decent acting talent. The ending of the movie is as daft as the rest of it - Laurie has killed several women and perhaps an abusive guard but she's released!. it is however made clear that she knows her killing rampage has not changed a thing - her sister will not be coming back.

Vendetta is a must see for fans of female 'B' movies & deserves a decent DVD re-release.


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