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Waves of Lust

  • NR
  • 1975-08-04
  • 01:28:00
6/ 10
11 votes

Drama, Thriller

Irem and Barbara are a young Italian couple on vacation in Sicily when they meet and are invited by a married and wealthy older couple, named Giorgio and Silvia, onboard a yacht owned by Giorgio for a weekend of sailing and carefree time. Irem and Barbara soon become involved in Giorgio and Silvia's marital problems as Giorgio, a cynical and ruthless industrialist, verbally and physically abuses Silvia for his own twisted enjoyment to control her. Eventually, both Irem and Barbara become romantically involved with Silvia, leading to Giorgio to become more mentally unstable over his losing control over Silvia. It eventually leads to Giorgio killing Silvia in a jealous rage and pretending that it was an accident. Irem and Barbara then turn the tables on their host when they murder Giorgio by getting him drunk one evening during dinner and drowning him to make it look like a scuba diving accident. The young couple then sails away on the late Giorgio's yacht to enjoy the rest of their carefree vacation.