SassyFlix | Wild Riders

Wild Riders

  • R
  • 1971-09-08
  • 01:31:00
4/ 10
2 votes

Bikers whip ass.  Biker gang breaks up.  Two lone bikers find GPS to California works great.  Spot a couple hot chicas in a lush retreat.  Invite themselves to a pool party and harass, rape, beat, cuss and rape some more till a visitor arrives… Starring Alex Rocco, who has also filmed in Brute Corps and Anatomy of Hell

Car racer, who works with the police, gets into a motorcycle gang “Wild Riders” who are going to rob a bank.

Pete and Stick, two juvenile delinquents just thrown out of a biker gang, break into a luxury house where they rape two women. They settle in the house, sell the valuables and kill a curious neighbor.

This one opens with a violent nude scene, where someone is attacking a woman, and we're not sure just what is taking place. The group of bikers talks about where they are heading... some are headed to California, and some are not. Pete (Arell Blanton) & Stick (Alex Rocco) meet up with some girls that are sunbathing on a roof-top, and trouble comes calling when Stick starts some serious trouble, and they don't want to leave. The plot just gets more and more strange from there, so you'll have to watch it for yourself. Be sure to make the kids leave the room first. Co-star Elizabeth Knowles made a whole bunch of these rad rebellion danger-chick flicks in the 1960s and 1970s.