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Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

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  • 2014-08-22
  • 01:31:00
4/ 10
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Adventure, Horror

The Hillicker brothers Three Finger, Saw Tooth, and One Eye murder a pair of bikers, Daria and Nick, at the bike trail in West Virginia. The brothers are under the care of their demented relatives Jackson and Sally, the caretakers of the local medieval hotel resort Hobbs Springs. Danny attends the resort for a family inheritance along with his girlfriend Toni, her brother Rod and their friends; Vic, Charlie, Bryan, and his girlfriend Jillian. Upon arrival, he is welcomed by Sally and Jackson, his cousins, but unbeknownst to his friends, the cannibals and Jackson murdered elderly hotel guest Agnes Fields in the hallway.

Bryan and Jillian, who are shopping for groceries the next day, are informed by a concerned Sheriff Doucette of the disappearances of the townsfolk including the hotel guests and Agnes. As he drives away, Doucette runs into a roadblock where he is killed by Three Finger. Alarmed by Bryan and Jillian's news of the townsfolk's fate, Danny's friends became suspicious to the nature of his cousins and his interest of staying with his family causing his relationship with the others to deteriorate. Toni sends Vic to find Danny who has gone hunting with Jackson out in the woods. Vic sees Saw Tooth devouring a deer that was killed by Danny during the hunt. When Danny plans on renovating the hotel to re-open next year, his friends reluctantly agree to stay. Jillian and Bryan, however, plan to leave the town and steal items from the hotel for money. While doing so, they discover a hidden door to a basement that leads to an underground bathhouse where the cannibals attack the couple. Bryan is hit in the head giving a brain injury and Jillian is brutally killed, but Sally stops them from killing Bryan. She then drags him to her bedroom and rapes him. Next, she asphyxiates him with her pillow under Jackson's orders.

Now turning against his friends during a heated argument with Toni, Danny is introduced by Jackson and Sally to his long-lost cannibalistic relatives at the clearing. They explain to Danny, who is a Hillicker, of their origins. Vic follows them and overhears their conversation. He is then captured by the Hillickers who cut his throat and tear his innards out for the whole clan to eat for the ceremony. As the rest of the group begin to leave the next morning, Toni, Rod and Charlie discover Jackson cooking meals in the kitchen with dismembered corpses of the victims, including Bryan and Jillian. Horrified, they attempt to escape only to run into the cannibals who kill both Charlie and Rod. Toni arms herself with a rifle from the armory and enters the bathhouse to confront Sally about manipulating Danny against his friends. As they fight, Toni disfigures Sally and shoots off her leg with the rifle. Enraged, Jackson orders Danny to kill Toni but he lets her escape. Jackson pursues her until Toni retaliates by stabbing him in the head with the door keys, killing him. The cannibals surround Toni as Danny leaves her to be killed by Three Finger.

One year after the reopening of the resort renamed as Hillicker Springs, Danny becomes the new manager and continues the sordid family tradition by having sex with Sally at the bathhouse as the other Hillickers watch.