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A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine

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  • 1966-06-10
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Drama, Sexploitation

Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up and witness the story of Sharon Winters (STACEY WALKER), a “cunning young cannibal who devours everything that falls into her soft, warm trap.” A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine is the blistering saga of a sun-soaked sex kitten, a she-creature who only gets satisfaction out of teasing red-blooded men into a state of near madness, only to suddenly yell “Rape!!!” Later, her post-game reaction is to laugh like a chimpanzee over the whole scene.

The film charts a trio of innocent men who are lured into Sharon’s web and meet cruel fates. One is arrested for attempted rape, another is fired from his job and “disappears in shame.” The last man (SAM MELVILLE, who would go on to star in the TV show The Rookies) is driven to such erotic desperation that he dreams about whipping and getting castrated, then tries to rape another woman and is shot dead by her husband!

Lest we forget, A Smell of Honey is, of course, a sexploitation film, written from (and for) a male point of view. Sharon therefore has to receive a comeuppance and meets her match when some blue-baller beats the snot out of her. She ends up forced to work for him in the world’s oldest profession (and is picked up by writer/producer DAVID F. FRIEDMAN in his second of two — count ’em! — cameos).

Stacey Walker (real name Barbara Jean Moore) was discovered by Friedman while sleeping on a Santa Monica beach. He offered her a starring role in The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill (1966) and tied her up with a contract so she couldn’t work for any of his competitors. (Al Zugsmith actively tried to lure her away.) She’s perfect in A Smell of Honey as the crotch-burning Date from Hell, especially when informing her lesbian roommate that, “I may be a bitch, but I’ll never be a butch! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”


there is something about Stacey Walker

I don't know what it is, but Stacey Walker, the lead character in this film, has a real screen presence. She is riveting, exuding a real sexiness that transcends physical beauty. Otherwise, there would not be much to recommend this film, as it drags at times and the plot is very predictable once the general premise becomes known. I thought Stacey was at her most erotic in the final scene of the film, when she was hanging out on a street corner with a cigarette dangling from her lips, waiting for a John.

According to the Director, David Friedman, he discovered Ms. Walker on the beach in Santa Monica when she badgered him to buy het a hot dog. While I find that hard to believe, it could possibly be true. Alas that Stacey Walker made only two feature films before disappearing into obscurity. I think she could have been a real star in the sexploitation movie industry had she wanted to. But I suppose it is always better to leave them wanting more. I do however recommend this fiim for Stacey Walker alone.

One of the best 60s sexploitation films from master David F. Friedman

David F. Friedman, the producer king of 60s sexploitation sinema, is best-known for SHE-FREAK (a 60s remake of FREAKS) and this movie. I much prefer this one. It's interesting, well-made and doesn't disappoint.

Sharon Winters (Stacey Walker) is a virgin secretary who loves to tease men and entice them to bed with her. When they get close enough to having sex, she accuses them of rape and ruins their lives! In her spare time, she teases her lesbian roommate and when they finally almost get down 'n' dirty, Sharon throws her out! But Sharon meets her match in a nightclub singer who likes to rough up women.

The plot is simple and quick. How can it stretch into an 75-minute movie? There's lots of scenes of bathing, changing clothes, and elongated foreplay scenes that lead to coy nudity, but never sex. Stacey Walker is a fantastic actress who carries the movie on her own. She's pure bitchery and is quite sexy. It's just her hair that bothers me... She made only one other movie for Friedman (NOTORIOUS DAUGHTER OF FANNY HILL), then returned home to her state of Texas and went back to high school (she had dropped out to make movies). No one knows where she is today, but she is sorely missed. Look quick for David F. Friedman playing the juror in the opening courtroom scenes. The musical score by el petra is great, basic garage band rock and roll that is complex in its simplicity. It certainly gives the film atmosphere and a soundtrack CD would be appreciated. Director Byron Mabe (who also directed SHE-FREAK) does a superb job handling the black-and-white cinematography and his editing during the foreplay scenes is wonderfully done.

A SMELL OF HONEY is the best introduction to 60s sexploitation sinema for anyone interested. Everyone should see at least one example of this type of movie to (if anything) compare to the pornography we have now. Something Weird Video is the only source for this on video and their print is rather scratchy and jumps at times.

Decent mid-60's Roughie!

Fairly interesting exploitation flick in black and white written by David F. Friedman. The lead actress Stacey Walker is well-cast and strangely attractive. She resembles a deranged Renee Zellweger with a bad hair-do. This chick only made two of these films and then moved back to Texas. The music is terrible. One of her boyfriends is played by Sam Melville (from the TV show THE ROOKIES) using a different name.

Best line in the film from Tony - "Are you putting me on, doll? None of my chicks put me on". Good B/W cinematography from Laslo Kovacs (EASY RIDER & TARGETS & many others). Good locales (cool swimming pool, also used in THE DEFILERS). Strange ending but fitting. A 4 out of 10. Best performance Stacey Walker.

Semi-Sleazy Friedman Produced Pre-'Roughie'...

Warning: Spoilers

Sleaze Producer David Friedman is well-known for making his mark on the 60s/70s underground film scene-producing a plethora of tits and blood films. A SMELL OF tame by today's standards-and definitely has nothing on the uber-sleazy roughies to cum out of New York a few years later-but this one is still a bit of relatively enjoyable soft-core smut.

Stacey Walker plays a gorgeous (if hair-do impaired) bitch whose sole enjoyment comes from teasing hapless young gents (and in one case her female roommate...) to the point of explosion-and then screaming 'rape' right before the deed gets started. She sends one poor sap to the slammer with her antics, ruins a co-worker's career, etc...until she meets her match with one guy who isn't taking no for an answer...

The real standout in this film is Stacey herself. She's undeniably sexy-even if her hair is a little whacked-out looking-and she plays the role of the heartless, teasing bitch to perfection. The other performances from the supporting actors/actresses are OK-but are relatively wooden in the typical 60s fashion. There's plenty of tits-and-ass on display-but no full-frontal and obviously no hardcore sex (which makes sense being that homegirl never actually gets around to boning the guys she's messing with). The scene of her getting roughed up at the end is decent if poorly executed. And I dug the 'moral' at the end where after her brutal treatment-you see Stacey waiting on a corner to pick up a john. So to all the young gals out there-Mr. Friedman wants you to know that if you f!ck around and tease guys too much-you're definitely going to be beaten, raped, and become a hooker. Classic after-school special material if I've ever seen it. Only real gripes is that the film drags in parts-and even with a run-time barely over an hour-it could have been trimmed by 10 or so minutes. Also-there's nothing really erotic given the 'soft- core' nature of this and other such films-so you're pretty much left with just the storyline unless you're a 12-year-old boy who can still get off looking at some tits and butts. An OK film that is definitely enhanced by Ms. Walker's performance-but if you're looking for serious sleaze-you won't find it here...7/10

Stacey Walker's performance makes it worthwhile.

The story for this one is pretty simple, simple enough that it doesn't really fill a 69 minute running time, so a fair amount of padding is utilized. The incredible Stacey Walker ("The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill") delights in her rotten role as Sharon Winters, a man-hating sexpot who gets her kicks getting guys all hot and bothered and then screaming for the cops with cries of "rape", delighting in their resulting misfortune. One goes to jail, one is financially ruined, and one suffers a particularly nasty fate. It's not until Sharon meets Tony (Bob Todd), a chauvinistic, brutal singer, that she finally meets her match.

This is the kind of exploitation flick this viewer would have dearly liked to have enjoyed a little more. Instead, it's just too draggy for its own good, with scenes of seduction that just go on and on. What does make this tolerable enough are the physical charms of Ms. Walker, who has so much fun treating people - even her lesbian roommate Paula (Sharon Carr)! - like garbage. This leads to that one great line with which many of us who have seen the promotional sequence on all Something Weird DVDs are familiar:

"Paula, I may be a bitch, but I'll *never* be a butch."

Now *that's* priceless.

The almost non-stop garage rock music on the soundtrack does serve as atmospheric accompaniment; it's just too bad that there's not a little more action, as this could have been a trash flick really worth savouring. Of course, we can always have fun with the unbelievably amateurish acting in the supporting roles, such as Tom Hughes as the shy and awkward Dick Owens. Writer / producer David F. Friedman, one of the all time legends in the exploitation genre, cameos as a juror near the beginning; the direction is by Byron Mabe, who'd also acted for Friedman in "The Defilers" and directed "She-Freak".

There's definite curiosity value here in seeing vintage black & white trash (shot in style by the great Laszlo Kovacs) such as this flick; it is worth seeing for people eager to check out the Something Weird catalogue. Kovacs and co-star Sam Melville (who plays Lowell Carter) work under pseudonyms.

Six out of 10.

Well, it's different (for Dave Friedman)!

Barbara Jean Moore (Stacey Walker) was a dropout from Texas who, while vacating in Santa Monica, was discovered on a beach one afternoon by cigar-chomping sexploitation producer, Dave Friedman who decided to cast her in the title role for his latest picture THE NOTORIOUS DAUGHTER OF FANNY HILL (1965). Pleased by her acting skills (and looks I suppose), he casted her in this as well as a nudist camp short. A Paramount executive saw some of the films and was eager to run an interview with Walker but while Friedman went looking for her she had already gone back to Texas. So for all we know Miss Walker could have become a big Hollywood name!

In A SMELL OF HONEY, she plays Sharon, a sexy, sadistic office worker who teases men to their limits and screams "rape" once she's done. "Roughies" had become big in the adults-only film industry so Sharon gets what she deserves from some horny b*stards towards the end.

The cinematography was by the great Lazlo Kovacs so you can always keep yourself occupied during the 71 minutes just admiring the b/w visuals. It's slow in spots and ends abruptly (may be the print) but for a post-BLOOD FEAST Dave Friedman film, it's not bad. Walker's twangy accent and an equelly twangy, reaccuring tune by Et-Cetra (which you're sure to be humming in your head after viewing) strangely creates some kind of rural, southern feeling to the film (don't expect Russ Meyer, though). For a more slappy, enjoyable Dave Friedman experience try THE ACID EATERS (1968).

Quite Intense for a Low-Budget Film of This Type

This movie begins with a young man named "Roy Bradley" (Michael O'Kelly) and his girlfriend, "Sharon Winters" (Stacey Walker) making out in a car. When they get to a certain point Sharon tells him to stop but being too wound up Roy continues to press the case. Sharon then begins screaming which draws the attention of a nearby policeman. When he gets there he finds both of them without hardly any clothes and Sharon asserting that she had been raped. Roy gets arrested and since Sharon continues to insist she was raped he is found guilty in a court of law and sentenced to 2 years in the state reformatory. Six weeks later Sharon is dating a new boyfriend named "Dick Owens" (Tom Hughes) who is extremely polite and reserved. Recognizing this Sharon decides to tease him by undressing and taking a shower with the door opened slightly and a full view of herself through an adjacent mirror on the wall. After that she proceeds to tease him but just prior to actual sex she starts yelling "rape" which scares the young man so badly that he quits his job and leaves his home for fear of going to prison. And once again Sharon doesn't seem to care as she continue with the same pattern again and again. But what she doesn't realize is that not all men are the same and that sometimes there are consequences for her actions. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that I was totally surprised at how intense this low-budget sexploitation film turned out to be. Although neither the acting nor the script were anything out of the ordinary, when considering the year this film was produced, I found the overall plot and many of the scenes to be quite extraordinary. To be more specific, there are a number of scenes involving a sexual nature and quite a bit of nudity as well. In any case, although the overall production values are not that good this movie still managed to stand out and I have rated it accordingly. Slightly above average.

Good Sexploitation

Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine, A (1966)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

A notorious sex roughie from David Friedman is considered by many to be the Citizen Kane of sexploitation flicks. In the film, a beautiful blonde virgin (Stacey Walker) gets her sexual kicks by stripping down in the nude, turning her boyfriends on and then screaming rape. She sends on guy to prison, another to suicide but she meets her match when she meets a real rapist. As you can tell, this type of storyline isn't going to be for everyone but the first half of the film is played for cute laughs and it manages to get quite a few. The dorky guys who the woman has to lead on are all rather funny and Walker is pretty good in her role. I wouldn't say good performance but her body and girlish charms work well. The second half of the film falls into S&M and dream sequences, which are all very boring but I guess this was the only way to stretch out the running time of 69-minutes. The film also contains the classic line where the woman gets hit on by a lesbian: I may be a bitch but I'll never be a butch!

Pretty girl in a repetitious story *

"Paula, I may be a bitch, but I'll never be a butch!"

A hilarious line in an otherwise rather tiresome skin flick which features a pretty honey in Stacey Walker, but that's about all. This gal's a real tease who lures her boyfriends, co-workers and even her lesbian roommate Paula into her bedroom, but then turns into a whack job who cries "rape" and calls for the police!

The schizophrenic personality of this certified c**t is interesting for maybe a little while, but this story ultimately turns into a real repetitive one-note affair. At least the ending is worth the wait, for those who will still care by that time.