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Another Day, Another Man

  • NR
  • 1966-10-19
  • 01:11:00
3/ 10
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Drama, Erotica, Exploitation

A young couple move into an expensive new apartment after the husband gets a big pay raise. Unfortunately, he is soon stricken with a mysterious ailment and becomes bedridden. The wife, unable to find a job and with bills piling up, runs into a seedy pimp who suggests a way she may be able to make a lot of money in a short time. A true low point of cult filmmaker Doris Wishman's long exploitation career, this nearly incomprehensible roughie leaves even many of the director's fans scratching their heads. The plot concerns Steve (Tony Gregory) and his new bride Ann (Barbi Kemp), whose present is as shady as her past. Ann and her old roommate Tess were prostitutes working for the slimy Burt, who has bizarre dreams about twins, showers, and nude dancing. When Steve falls ill, Ann goes back to work for Burt, wearing an amazing see-through body stocking. While Tess gets pregnant, Steve discovers Ann's profession and commits suicide. All the while, Wishman's camera flies around the sets ignoring the actors. Instead, the focus is on plants, walls, floors, and even trash cans, perhaps to cover the lack of synchronized dialogue, or perhaps because the cinematographer kept falling over from laughing at the ridiculous goings-on. Whatever the case, even Wishman completists may want to skip this one. 


Great 'bad' movie

I saw this on a late night cable show in New Jersey that specialized in camp.

Woman becomes a hooker to help pay boyfriend/husband's medical bills. Then can't get out of it.

The dubbing was obviously made after the fact. Everybody sounded like the were in the next room of my then apartment. And why did that park have no background noise?

Wishman always filmed without sound. It added a weirdness that made everything more fun.

She also had this obsession with inanimate objects. The camera constantly finds things like potted plants, lamps, and end tables to suddenly focus on.

And when women change, do they really need 5 minutes to remove a bra?

Great stuff. 

Minor Wishman

Warning: Spoilers

Calling any Doris Wishman film 'minor' may seem like an oxymoron, but compared to the delirious pleasures of 1965's Bad Girls Go to Hell, Another Day Another Man qualifies as minor. Filmed with most of the same cast and crew as Bad Girls, it stars luscious Barbi Kemp (her last name misspelled 'Kenmp' in the opening credits!) as new housewife Ann, whose hubby Steve (Tony Gregory) has earned himself a pay raise. Yippee! Time for the couple to move into an horrendously decorated apartment! Sadly, Steve is shortly thereafter stricken by an unnamed ailment that will keep him bedridden for six months! Ann can't get her old job back--her boss, Mr. Benson, refuses to employ married women!--so she's forced to start turning tricks for scummy pimp Bert (Sam Stewart, the repressed alcoholic from Bad Girls). Steve is concerned about the odd hours his wife is spending at 'the office', but what can an invalid do...especially when his gorgeous wife is parading around the house in a brand new lacy body stocking? Filled with all the usual Wishman trademarks--an inability to focus on characters when they are speaking, and a fascination with feet and inanimate objects such as trash cans--Another Day Another Man will offer only the barest satisfaction for bad movie fans.

Poor Film

Another Day, Another Man (1966)

* (out of 4)

Doris Wishman sexploitation flick about a spoiled woman who has to go to work after her husband comes down with some strange disease. The only problem is that she doesn't know how to work but thankfully her friend hooks her up with a pimp. Even at 70-minutes this thing feels like hours to get through. At one point I was getting so fed up with the film that I checked to see how much I had watched and was horrified to see that the movie had only been playing for fifteen minutes. The lead actress is incredibly dull and boring as is the story, which wasn't even original by 1966 standards.