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  • PG
  • 1965-08-03
  • 02:02:00
7/ 10
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Drama, Romance

Twenty-something Italian Princess della Romita, better known to her British fans as Sussex born Diana Scott (Julie Christie), is giving an interview to a reporter in which she describes her life. She is straightforward about the facts. She worked as a London-based model, her most famous job being as the Honeyglow girl, and had a moderately successful stint as an actress in small roles in movies and in commercials.

She married her first husband Tony Bridges (T.R. Bowen) when they were both quite young, but she left him when she fell into an unplanned relationship with television journalist Robert Gold (Sir Dirk Bogarde), who was at the time married with a family. Although she and Robert never married, they lived together for some time. She and Robert split after she fell into an unplanned relationship with advertising executive Miles Brand (Laurence Harvey), who was the one who discovered her as the Honeyglow girl.

She met her current husband, Prince Cesare della Romita (José Luis de Vilallonga) while she was working and vacationing in Italy. But behind these facts, she is less than forthright about her emotions in each of these moves, and the motivations for them. If she was forthright, she would expose herself as the vain and self-centered person she is, who was most understood by Miles, but who Robert began to understand, albeit too late.