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Flash Flood Investigative Fantasy Reporter

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  • 2018-01-01
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Bad Girls

SAHRYE KC stars as investigative fantasy reporter FLASH FLOOD in the premiere episode of a brand new series from FetishOasis featuring female catfighting. Her assignment is to uncover the stories that need to be revealed no matter how strange, bizarre, or outrageous. Utilizing her knowledge and contacts in the so-called “underbelly” of the internet fetish world, FLASH is always prepared to jump full throttle and knee deep into whatever assignment she is handed. Up first is a full body lunge into the world of female mat wrestling, one of the most popular genres on the worldwide web. Her guest is LYDIA VENGEANCE, the self described “manic pixie nightmare witch of burlesque, fashion, and music.” This blonde bombshell is a knowledgable and seasoned veteran of apartment wrestling wars and she is always ready to rumble. The show starts with an in-depth conventional interview with her describing how she got into the business of grunts and grapplers. The ladies then slip out their fashionable clothes and strip down to bikini, leotard and bare feet in preparation for getting down to business. This section features LYDIA teaching and demonstrating the basic wrestling maneuvers to FLASH both orally and physically. Once the lesson is over the time comes for the real “rassling” to begin. The two petite powerhouses throw themselves at each other with reckless abandon. The match includes headlocks, armlocks, leg locks, belly punches, face sitting, smothering and lots of flailing female flesh! Much to LYDIA’s surprise the feisty and street tough MS. FLOOD turns out to be an adversary to be taken very seriously and a far more worthy opponent than anticipated. They go at each other in search of a pinball three grueling times leaving both of them sweaty, spent and satisfied with their performance. Get a firsthand, in your face look at what it’s like to be a gorgeous female gladiator getting paid to play and endure the pain for a panting and addicted international audience. FLASH FLOOD INVESTIGATIVE FANTASY REPORTER rips away the curtain and takes you behind the scenes of this secret society for the very first time. Download it now and see who gets her arm raised in victory.

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