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In Search Of A Dream 1

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  • 2018-01-01
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Bad Girls

Freelance journalist DANNY DREAMER has just gotten the job he’s been searching for all his life. He’s been hired by FETISHOASIS to search the world for “women who must be worshipped” and then chronicle his experiences on videotape and on the web. His first assignment is the self proclaimed reigning Queen of all Bitches…MISTRESS JADE DUBOIR. Within moments of arrival, he is forced to strip down to his underwear and surrender completely to the cruel whims and sadistic desires of this totally controlling female dominatrix. MISTRESS JADE begins by subjecting DANNY to cock and ball torture, foot worship, and an old fashioned over the knee paddling and bare handed spanking. She then ball gags him, tramples his prostrate body, and exits only after handcuffing him and leaving him to helplessly ponder his fate. Returning after changing into something more comfortable and definitely more revealing, she continues her assault on DANNY’S body and mind. The poor man is first smothered by MISTRESS JADE’S ample breasts, and then his oxygen supply is cut off completely when she cruelly crushes his nose and mouth with her leopard skin covered crotch. Has DANNY indeed found the ultimate female dream or has he descended into a hellish video nightmare? You be the judge.

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