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Kitty Takes Flight

  • R
  • 1990-07-01
  • 00:28:00
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The Kitty G Show

The very first image we see filling up the screen is of a gyrating white g-string with a cartoon pussycat face on the crotch. The camera slowly starts tilting up to reveal the incredible face and body of KITTY G. She is wearing a diaphanous white cape, brassiere, and leather lace boots. She starts talking, telling HONEY how much she loves dancing for him, teasing and pleasing him all the while. The camera then follows her lovingly onto the couch, panning and tilting underneath and above her enticing body. Suddenly, she decides to become a bird in flight, and exits the apartment into the hallway, flapping her wings with HONEY in hot pursuit. KITTY makes her way to the stairway , and proceeds to slowly disrobe at each landing. Although HONEY begs her to put her clothes back on and return to the apartment, he continues to shoot footage, equally transfixed and unnerved by the erotic interlude. Ultimately, she strips off her bra and panties and dances provocatively naked at the top of the stairs. Aroused to the point of explosion, she makes a beeline for HONEY, gets down on her knees, and attacks him ravenously. Although he tries to push her off and return back home, who in the world could resists the amorous skills of KITTY G?

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