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  • 2018-01-01
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Bad Girls

Buxom platinum blonde bombshell CYNTHIA HAMMERS is a throwback to the voluptuous Hollywood movie starlets of the fifties and sixties. However, you’ve never seen any of those girls endure the kind of physical and mental torture meted out to CYNTHIA in this first edition of PUNISHED. Dragged kicking and screaming into an abandoned desolate storage room by two sultry and silent Asian lovelies, she is handcuffed, ball gagged, fondled, and spanked on her fully exposed white pantied derriere. CYNTHIA then finds herself in an ominously lit room, shackled to an X-shaped post by her wrists and ankles. She passes out and is shocked awake by a painful slap in the face. Her jailor is a darkly sleek young woman with a beautiful face and foreign accent, who insists repeatedly that CYNTHIA is a spy with important information she will force her to divulge. Stripped down to her bare breasts, her big round nipples heaving with anguish, she stands completely vulnerable to the brutal whims of her tormentor. Does CYNTHIA really know the secret plans, or is she really a willing victim whose need to be punished exceeds her desire to stop the painful assault? Order this very first volume of “PUNISHED” and decide for yourself!

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