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Sweet Georgia

  • R
  • 1972-12-14
  • 01:19:00
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Marsha Jordan (Count Yorga, VampireThe Toy Box) - the first real star of Sexploitation - is Sweet Georgia, the sex-crazed nympho wife of rancher Big T. Unfortunately, because Big T is an ugly, abusive drunk, Georgia looks for her lovin' elsewhere - starting with Cal, the stud ranchhand, then moving on to Virginia, Big T's daughter, who spends her days riding her horsey in the nude. Of course, since Georgia's only Virgina's stepmom, the two think a little down-home girl-girl action is perfectly fine, especially around a romantic campfire. But when Georgia makes it with dumb ol' Leroy, everything gets violent. Yup, just when you think you've got this film figured out, an accidental death somehow escalates into one grisly murder after another.

Also Known As:  Le ranch des passions



Any Man Could Have Her..But Only The Hardest Was A Match For...Sweet Georgia

Smut in the wild west (in the same vein as "Ramrodder" and "Brand of Shame") released by one of the masters of the age Harry Novak.

Georgia is a nymphomaniac and nothing can sate her need for lust and carnal passions, and she is not to choosy on who she couples with, be it a big lunk head ranch hand, her step-daughter or anyone she can get her paws on.

But of course her lusty ways get her into trouble, deep dark trouble and soon enough her words "Shut up and Lay me" come back to haunt her.

A "Boxoffice International" release that is well worth the trouble of tracking down

Sexploitation As Succulent As A Georgia Peach!

Warning: Spoilers

Southern hick sexploitation films from the 60's and 70's are not exactly a rare commodity, but this one is a little something special because you have two of the genre "royalty" working together: Harry "The King of Sexploitation" Novak and Marsha "The Queen of Soft Core" Jordan.

In "Sweet Georgia," Marsha Jordan plays the title role. Georgia is an insatiable nympho, who has no problem getting it on with anyone, from the ranch hands to her own virgin step-daughter. Seems everyone gets a piece of her sweet loving, except her drunk, fat and abusive husband. But when a sexual encounter in the stables leads to a horrible accident, things take a dark turn for everyone.

As with most films of this type, the production values are pretty low and the acting abilities of everyone, save the sensuous Marsha Jordan, almost non-existent. It's pretty much left up to Marsha and her voluptuous curves to carry the film, which she actually does fairly well. The story is pretty thin, as it revolves around this group of people stay with the drunken head of the household, only until he strikes some gold from his mine. Of course, he never does and this part of the plot is quickly forgotten when everyone starts having their trysts with Georgia. There is some nice full frontal nudity of Marsha, too, which is always a treat for the viewer. The sex scenes are not over too quickly, nor do they feel as though they are dragging on, either. Marsha's girl-on-girl scene with Barbara Mills is particularly erotic. The dialog is corny and unintentionally humorous (with lines like: "Shut up and lay me!") and except for Marsha, all the other actors sound like they are reading their lines off cue-cards. Fortunately, Ms. Jordan's banging bod and steamy screen presence is enough to hold things together and keep it interesting enough until the final act.

The last third of the film does take a rather morbid and dark turn that you don't see coming, which really helps it to stand out from other such sexploitation efforts of the times and will help make it a bit more memorable than most. It's also one of the last films Marsha Jordan did, before leaving the business.

"Sweet Georgia" is slightly better than the typical entry of this genre and shows why Harry Novak really knew how to take such inane concepts as this and make them entertaining, if not always interesting. Genre fans are sure to get some fun mileage out of this effort. If you are a fan of the buxom Marsha Jordan, this one is definitely a keeper for your collection. All in all, it's pretty decent fare for this brand of film and certainly worth a viewing or two.

barn burner

Warning: Spoilers

How you gonna jeep 'em down on the farm after they've seen Marsha Jordan? Here is Marsha at her nymphomaniac best taking on all comers (literally) except for her mangy hick husband who rules the roost like he was Adolf Hitler with a southern accent. The guy beats up his wife and daughter and anybody else who might wander by. The husband gives hicks a bad name and that's really saying something.

The best scene of the film has Marsha seducing the dumb as dirt stable hand who she has to show exactly what to do when it comes to the lovemaking department.

SPOILER ALERT! That's just before a very naked Marsha gets stomped to death by a wayward horse and her husband comes along shortly thereafter and thinks the idiot stable hand did it and pitchforks the poor SOB to death. Guess he got the point.