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Congratulations on choosing to view the stimulating offerings to be found on TITILLATING TV. The assorted definitions of the word “titillate” are AROUSE, EXCITE, TANTALIZE, STIR, THRILL, INTEREST, ATTRACT, PROVOKE, EXCITE, FASCINATE and more. With these descriptions as a guideline, we have carefully selected motion pictures with an ADULTS ONLY audience in mind. Here you will find a variety of exploitation films and B-movies which feature suggestive sex, sensational violence, drug use, nudity, gore, the bizarre, destruction, rebellion, and mayhem. Categories include BIKER, BLAXPLOITATION, CANNIBAL, GIALLO, MONDO, HORROR, NAZISPLOITATION, NUDIE CUTIES, ROUGHIES, SEXPLOITATION, SLASHER, SPAGHETTI WESTERNS, SPLATTER, and of course WOMEN IN PRISON. Break out the popcorn, candy bars, recreational medication, and settle in for the finest in salacious sinema.