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Alex in Wonderland

  • R
  • 1970-01-01
  • 01:50:00
5/ 10
812 votes

Comedy, Drama

Alex, a Hollywood film director with a family and one successful but unreleased film to his credit, begins to search for ideas for his next film. He visits Hal Stern, a producer at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, who suggests that they do a film about a black girl who has a heart transplant and falls in love with her white surgeon.

Alex rejects the idea and contemplates making a film about the invasion of Beverly Hills by black militants. He also fantasizes about meeting in Rome with director Federico Fellini; filming the machine-gunning of his family on Hollywood Boulevard; and meeting actress Jeanne Moreau, who sings a song to him. Meanwhile, his wife, Beth, grows more impatient with him during their attempts to find a new house.

Alex takes LSD with his friend Andre, but when he tries to describe his experience to Beth, she begins crying, frustrated with his aimlessness. At a school play in which his daughter Amy has a role, Alex imagines various characters from Fellini films parading by. Finally he and Beth buy an expensive house, and Alex is momentarily content.