SassyFlix | Attack of the Killer Shrews!

Attack of the Killer Shrews!

  • NR
  • 2016-12-10
  • 01:26:00
5/ 10
72 votes

Comedy, Horror



Charles Perry (Jonathan Rogers) is celebrating the first printing of his book about the preeminent scholars throughout history. His agent Wayne (Baird Hageman) and Wayne’s wife, Cassandra (Cheryl Szymczak) are in attendance, and before things get going, the trio is awaiting the arrival of film star Fiona Rae (Elizabeth Houlihan). Her car is broken down on the side of the road, so a friendly sheriff, Blake (Bill Kennedy), offers her a ride. As soon as Fiona is inside and safe, Blake heads back out on patrol.

But, just as he attempts to leave, a gravely wounded Dr. Murdock (Mick O’Keefe) runs in screaming about killer shrews. In his research to cure rabies, the doctor created the ravenous beasts. Now, the dinner party must escape not only the house but the town in one piece. Luckily, for them, the military comes to save the day, but the shrews prove too fast and deadly for them as well. What is the real motivation behind Dr. Murdock’s work? Will Blake and Fiona act upon their mutual attraction before time runs out? Is Charles’s book that bad?