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Avenging Angel

  • R
  • 1985-01-11
  • 01:33:00
4/ 10
1518 votes

Action, Crime, Thriller

Molly Stewart (Betsy Russell) is off the streets and studying to become a lawyer.

Molly learns that Lt. Andrews (Robert F. Lyons), the detective who helped her leave prostitution, was murdered. She returns to the streets as Angel to track down his killer and avenge his death. She enlists help from her old friends, Yoyo Charlie, Solly Mosler and Kit Carson and hunts for the sole witness, Johnny Glitter, to the crime.

They break Kit out of the sanitarium and find Johnny at his home just as the thugs who killed Andrews find him. Kit and Angel save Johnny in a shootout. Angel discovers a scheme to buy up Hollywood Boulevard by intimidation and violence that Gerrard perpetuates. Gerrard's men corner Kit, Solly, Angel and Johnny in an alley. Kit shoots the car and causes it to crash, and they capture Gerrard's son. The son gets loose and threatens them with a gun, but the phone rings and Kit shoots him to death.

The caller is Gerrard, who has kidnapped Solly's baby, Little Buck. Gerrard offers to trade Buck for his son. They attempt to make the trade despite the son's death, but Gerrard discovers the ruse. When he discovers his son has died, a shootout ensues and Gerrard takes the baby. Kit takes out one thug and Johnny Glitter, who shoots blind, shoots the other and also himself.

Angel confronts Gerrard on the top floor and Gerrard threatens to throw the baby down. Angel surrenders and Gerrard puts the baby down, but the baby crawls toward the edge. Gerrard will not allow Angel to move. Solly sees what is happening and goes up to shoot Gerrard.

Angel tries to get to the baby, but the baby falls. Kit sees the baby fall and catches him. Angel and Solly come down with the baby safely wrapped in Kit's jacket.