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Bedroom Mazurka

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  • 1970-08-30
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The Makers of "Without a Stitch" do it again ... The rector of the exclusive boy private boarding school Kræbesøgaard have been appointed minister of culture he therefore needs to find a replacement. The choose falls on the young lector Mikkelsen, whom all of the students adore, particularly for his view that girls should be allowed as well. However there is a problem. Lektor Mikkelsen is not married and the tradition of the school dictates that the rector must be a married man. He only has thirty days to get married or at least engaged or the job falls to the hated lector Holst (known as the doormat) That wouldn't have been a problem if lector Mikkelsen was not also a virgin and totally clueless when it comes to women. The boys at the school therefore set out in a quest, to get lector Mikkelsen laid and fine him a wife. This becomes the beginning of a long a dubious journey, that are not without assistance from the rectors neglected wife, and both the chairman's daughters. Will he be successful and fin a wife, or will the school be doomed to the tedious rulership of the lector Holst?