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Bikini Frankenstein

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  • 2010-01-18
  • 01:21:00
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Comedy, Science Fiction

Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Frankie Cullen) is a professor of science working at an institution called State University. Professor Cullen is shown engaging in relations in his classroom with Debbie Sloane (Alexis Texas), one of his science students. They are discovered by Professor Cullen's rival, rival Clive (Billy Chappell), who reports them to the Dean of the university, Professor Van Sloane (Ted Newsom), and brings Newsom to the classroom. Debbie is Newsom's daughter, and Dean Newsom promptly removes Dr. Frankenstein from his role at the university.

Five years later, Dr. Frankenstein is shown having moved back home to Transylvania, home of the legendary Count Dracula, to continue working on his research with his assistant, Ingrid (Brandin Rackley). After sleeping with Ingrid, he succeeds in bringing the body of Eve (Jayden Cole), a deceased woman, back to life using energy from a lightning storm. After Eve is brought back to life, she kisses Ingrid and the two become physical with each other in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.

Dr. Frankenstein, Eve, and his assistant Ingrid all travel back to America, where Dr. Frankenstein impresses Van Sloane, Dr. Waldman (Ron Ford), Dr. Frankenstein's rival Clive, and Claudia, Clyde's wife (Christine Nguyen). Dr. Frankenstein originally presents Eve as a sister of Ingrid, in order to for them to become familiar with Eve prior to revealing her true nature as a revived corpse. Dr. Frankenstein leaves for his hotel room to retrieve an object, leaving Eve and Ingrid at Clive's residence. Clive asks Claudia to follow Frankenstein and find out what he is up to, leaving Eve alone with Clive. Clive gives Eve a tour of his residence, and the two fornicate in his office. Claudia meets Dr. Frankenstein at his hotel room and they engage in relations in his room.

Once the group reconvenes their meeting with Eve at Clive's residence, Dr. Frankenstein is met initially with skepticism after revealing the true nature of Eve to the group of assembled onlookers. He provides the death certificate for Eve as a way to verify his scientific claims. Ingrid and Claudia escort Eve to a private room to prepare her for a physical examination. Following an erotic ceremony involving all three women, Eve explodes due to an overdose of excitation. Dr. Frankenstein is undeterred, and proclaims to the group that he will labor further on his experiment at a later date with another deceased body.