SassyFlix | Blood


  • R
  • 1973-09-01
  • 01:14:00
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Set in 1883 Staten Island, Dr. Lawrence Orlovsky, his wife Regina, and their servants, strong-willed Carrie, legless Orlando, and deformed Carlotta, move into an old house after returning from Europe. Lawrence is a werewolf, the only son of the original Lawrence Talbot, and Regina is a vampire, the only daughter of Count Dracula. Lawrence tries to continue his research for a cure to his lycanthropy and for Regina's blood-lust by maintaining a garden in his basement filled with man-eating plants, fed by human blood. Meanwhile, Lawrence also must confront the crooked lawyer, Carl Root, who as been raiding the Talbot family legacy. Also, Carrie deals with the arrival of her younger brother Johnny whom she tries to keep her employers true nature a secret from him.