SassyFlix | Bone


  • R
  • 1972-07-01
  • 01:35:00
6/ 10
1110 votes

Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Bernadette and Bill are a bickering couple from Beverly Hills. One day, a stranger wanders onto their property and they mistake him for an exterminator. The man, who calls himself Bone, takes the couple hostage, intending to rob them.

Bone discovers that his captives are not as wealthy as they seem. Nevertheless, he forces Bill, a car dealer, to go to a bank to get some money, threatening to rape or kill Bernadette otherwise.

Bill leaves, but at the bank he is distracted by a young girl in line. She ends up seducing him as Bill contemplates how little love there has been in his marriage. He does not return home with the money, but a nearly naked Bernadette, after having too many drinks, seduces Bone on the sofa.

Bernadette then persuades Bone they should murder her husband for his insurance. Bill tries to flee, but they follow him and, at a beach, Bernadette smothers him to death in the sand. She turns to find Bone, only to discover he has disappeared.